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Mombassa 19 Oct 2001 03:50

Custom waterproof bags
I'm investigating the possibility of making custom size bags (mostly small) for a number of smaller items (battery charger, computer, volt meter, camera) to carry this stuff on the bike.

Anyone know of a supplier for rubberised cloth, rugged tent-like material? Any manuals on this? I know "waterproof" is a stretch, but long exposure to rain (or rather the lack of water penetration) should be attainable given some good desgin. I have a couple of rubber bags for boating (the top rolls up to create a seal). This would be too big, but it works.

Any ideas on this? Is there a supplier out there selling extra-small waterproof bags?




Fritz 19 Oct 2001 18:56

I have seen some very small versions of the Ortlieb type bags - small enough for phones and like. Not as good, but a base for improvement. In UK this was either in Blacks, or probably Cotwold Outdoors. Not on web site, and can't remember brand name.
In UK there are suppliers of the materials listed in back of climbing mags, certainly one near Huddersfield try :-www.pennineoutdoor.co.uk
Hope it's helpful

fireboomer 20 Oct 2001 14:24

I always bag stuff twice. Ex: back-pack and inside I put a giant plastic bag. As far as I go, nothing is waterproof execpt classis plastic bags. It is a cheap and easy way to be sure stuff will stay dry. Personaly I wouldn't pay lots of mony for a waterproof bag.

trand 21 Oct 2001 22:11

Hi Kbereta I don't know what country you are from/in but there is a small camping shop in London who would make/advise you on these bags that you require.I have found them very useful and imformative ?helpful in my preperations for my trip starting next year ... trand

newfie 22 Oct 2001 05:06

why not get 1 or2 waterproof bags that canoeist, kayakers use, cheap and waterproof.
anything breakable can be wrapped in bubble-wrap

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