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-Drew- 31 Jul 2007 04:28

Bike idiles way too fast!!!
Hey, my name is Drew and I just bought a '01 Triumph S/T. I was riding through town and came to a stop,when I went to take off it died. I tried to start it and it would just try to hit. When it started it jumped up to 7 grand rpm! I cant find anything wrong. Is there something I can do?

Thanks, Drew

Riq 31 Jul 2007 05:38

Check the Choke
Sorry if this seems simple or if you have already checked however if the choke is partly engaged the biked will die when it warms up and then will rev quite high when you try to restart it.


mollydog 31 Jul 2007 07:34

The '01 Sprint ST is fuel injected....no choke. But's it still a cable actuated system, so first thing is to check and find out where your throttle cables are hanging up. (there are two) This is most likely the cause. See if the throtte snaps back when you let it go (bike off). It should snap back and be free. Now try this with bars turned to one side. Sometimes a miss routed cable will be affected by turning the bars, or can be freed if stuck a bit.

Has the tank been off recently for service? Any one fool with it lately?

If the cables are routed perfectly and not hanging up then the next step is to check the throttle bodies to see if there is some sort of mechanical empediment or something is rubbing the throttle arms or mechanism.

If none of this works then somehow the ECU is sending the wrong signal.
This is possible but not too likely. The Sagem ECU are very good generally.

This may be something you want to take to a workshop for because if you scew up the throttle could stick wide open and kill you.

Don't worry, easy fix i'm sure.

(owned two Tigers)

-Drew- 2 Aug 2007 03:41

cables are good!
ECU...What is that? The first thing I checked was the cables and they snap back good. I didn't know if there's a senser that can go bad? What about the throttle control senser, maybe that?


*Touring Ted* 4 Sep 2007 10:07

Check that all air hoses are connected correctly. Check the pipes around the airbox and around the throttle bodies.

If you dont know what an ECU is then I think its best that you take your bike to a mechanic as you may just make things worse.


smitty 10 Sep 2007 00:39

Throttle cable
When you check the throttle cable, turn your handlebars hard right and then hard left. I had an exciting moment one time in a right hand turn when the cable started hanging up and the bike accelerated faster and faster as I leaned into the turn. When I staightened the handbars out, It slowed down. Just a stupid incidental you might check. Smitty

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