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Rowey 27 Aug 2001 18:27

Basic Bike Maintenance
Am planning to do an overland trip to Australia from the UK in 2002, however at the moment I have no mechanical ability at all. Am trying to find a basic bike mechanics course, or someone who can show me how to do basic bike maintenance. (am living in England at the moment)
I have an R1150gs and have no clue how to do even simple stuff like changing/repairing tyres, changing brake pads, aligning wheels etc.
Would appreciate any info/help anyone can provide.

yan 27 Aug 2001 19:53

If you fancy riding down to South Wales I can spend a day going over basics. Have just fully rebuilt a GS and am a self-employed motorcycle mechanic! Clearly the idea of the bmw is that it wont break down but....
Get in touch via e mail if this sounds ok...

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