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Roi 28 May 2007 22:30

Alan Joy and Barry Dewett
Well they have finally gone. Just want to say a big THANKS YOU to Alans family and friends who made myself Roi and girlfriend Bron (Barry's friends) welcome down in Essex at the weekend, also for letting us camp in garden for the two guys BIG send off for their around the world trek, although the weather was hissing down, a great day was had by all and afew more friends were made especially John (u can get in touch). Hope you had a safe trip back to Staffs our ride back to Bury was eventful, we were soaking wet, driving rain and crosswinds on the m-way made it a bit hairy on the GSA. Will try an keep anyone posted of their whereabouts if they get in touch.
Roi and Bron

Tony P 29 May 2007 00:21

Barry and Alan


Sincerest best wishes

(who is following in a week's time but doing an "up 'n down 'n up again" as far as the Urals then back to Denham for proper beer! Further afield next year. What about it - eh John?)

Roi 29 May 2007 20:34

Brons Bit
Just a quick note to Barry and Alan - Keep going - You will out run the rain eventually - thanks making us all feel welcome at your sending off party - see when you get back.


Roi 1 Jun 2007 12:06

R.T.W. without a blog
Alan and Barry some where in the Czech Rep will keep any one posted if interested.

Tony P 1 Jun 2007 20:17

Thanks Bron - please do.

After our Dublin weekend meeting, I was happy to go with them but would only guarantee riding with them as far as Vlad/Mag. What they wanted was a RWT commitment.

So, I am leaving for northern Russia on Tuesday - then going south to the Caucuses mountains between the Black & Caspian Seas for a week or two - then north again, probably as far east as the Urals.

Please keep posting about their progress and pass on my good wishes.


Roi 3 Jun 2007 14:55

Turk Trukies
Hi Tony,
Barry did mention last wk-end that you were one of the guys that was goin who he met in Dublin, my other half Roi was also goin on trip but he went to Australia in Dec06 instead got back Mar06 as for me im off to Prague this affy with mother, just a short message to anyone watching this space aswell, Barry an Alan doing OK, Barry has txd Roi and as of Friday 1st June they were in Romania, the only complaint is the Turkish Trukies goin South aswell, (bloody hundreds of them were the words lol) any way i'll keep anyone interested posted, told Roi to tx Baz your best wishes for them, oh im logged in as Roi he's away this wk-end working. Take Care all who travel and are on the road now keep safe.....


phartland 3 Jun 2007 20:04

Hi Roi and Bron!
Thanks for your message. Great to meet you both and glad you made it back home ok too. And a big thanks again to Alans family and friends for making us feel so welcome and a great send off for the lads!
Best Wishes

phartland 3 Jun 2007 20:13

Hi Tony!
To the Urals and back? What sort of a girlie trip do you call that? Just kidding! At least you're getting away. Good luck with the trip and good to hear from you.

Roi 3 Jun 2007 23:31

Hi John,

Glad you read the updates, Barry txd me friday as Bron said earlier Romania Friday, Bulgaria Satdy, as for today ermm! i dont know possibly Turkey, Oh! r u going to the H.U. meeting ifso all 4 days or just a couple of days can you let me know, Bron told me to get lost an go hav a gr8 wk-end so i said id go. Baz said he'll let me know when he gets the boat to Russia so that cud be a couple of more days and they'll have there first drinks on us in Russia. See you again soon.


Roi 7 Jun 2007 22:22

Back from my little jaunt to Prague
Well I'ved managed my little jaunt over to Prague and back - still waiting for an update on where Alan and Barry have managed to get to, and any events that they have come across / managed to over come.

I wish they would have taken a tracker with them, then we could have plotted their travels across the globe, and tracked the daily miles that they manage to get through.

Hopefully get back you to all with more news soon.

John glad we all met up - at the big send off - although the ride back was horrible - we will all have to plan a meet up - and have a ride out - espcially - when Alan and Barry get back.

Will keep in touch


Tony P 8 Jun 2007 20:40

Girlie trip?
Arrived in Russia (StP) in 2.5days from London. Could have done without the 2 hours scrabbling about at the border - but I leapfrogged a group of 15 Italians all on big BMs thanks to M's translations of documents!
Not trying to be the next Nick Saunders - I used good hotels at nights instead of keeping going.

If 352, 702 and 840 miles is 'girlie', go look up the Long Way Round schedule - I hope for your sake you dont meet Charlie or Euan. Could be some black eyes above your nose, if it is still there!!!
And they had big bikes - my Dakar struggles at 90 (I know big boxes, filled too heavy etc etc) but how it performs on the poor but fast minor roads I used in Latvia and Estonia. And it really was a star on the rough and loose of the last 120 miles - I found the loose verges smoother than the tarmac!

Really looking forward to the south where tarmac has yet to be discovered!
(M says Hi and x)

Roi 11 Jun 2007 15:59

The drinks are on us John.
Hi Tony,

Just a short message to you, hope you keepin safe an have a safe trip to Russia and back, John (tx me if u goin H.U. meeting) not been on for awhile, but i said i would keep any one interested updated to the whereabouts of Barry an Alan as they not doing a blog. Barry txd me on the 9th June 07 at 06:15am U.K. time, that they were about to dock at SOCHI in Russia, and he would be having a drink on us, "John", he also says the sailing was really rough and he said something about "not good tabs off crew" !!!!! whatever that means.

Until the next tx, T.T.F.N

Roi, 'n' Bron.

p.s. does anyone know how you get the smileys in your text thanks....oh! just been informed cant get to H.U. meeting as its full an they not taking on any more bookings. grrrrrr8

Roi 15 Jun 2007 13:31

Hi, Viewers,

Just an up date on the trvelling two Alan n Barry, for those who are interested on their wereabouts, 14th June 07, 15:03pm, in Actobe Russia roads are s**t did 140mls today and looking for tyrers in Nbrisk. John if you read this can you find out where your mate got tyres from in Nbrisk thanks. Tx me or Barry if you got his number. Thanks again,

Roi. n Bron

Roi 19 Jun 2007 10:55

INFO for Magadan
Good Morning All,

Just a short update for anyone following Barry and Alan on their RTW trip. As of today 19th June 07 at 05:15am U.K time, they are 80mls west of Novosibirsk, tyres wil be changed later today. Also they have asked me to find out for them about flying arrangements out of Magadan, has anyone used the flights recently into or out of Magadan to or from the U.S.A, need to find out asap or they will have to go to Vladivostok, they'd prefer to go Magadan way.

Thanks to anyone who can supply me with upto date info of Magadan's flying situation.

Roi. n Bron.

Roi 19 Jun 2007 12:34

Ahh! foohey!!

Its been an hour now and nobody got any info on Magadan obviously nobody reading to the end, Thanks for all the helpful advice, it seem to me your more interested in electrical gadgets (foohey!!), wots wrong with good old map an compass. NEED INFO ON MAGADAN PLEASE ANY FLIGHTS OUT OR INTO THE PLACE.

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