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Lisa 3 Nov 2001 00:43

Turkey - Ýran Border Crossings
Does anyone know the status of the central and southern border crossýngs from Turkey to Ýran? We are currently one day away from Nemrut and are consýderýng crossýng ýnto Ýran ýn SE Turkey rather than goýng all the way up to the North (ýt's very cold here and we're busy dodgýng the snow!).
Have trýed to fýnd ýnfo but wýthout much luck so anyone who knows ýf these 2 border crossýngs are open and any ýnfo about them would be most apprecýated.

Graeme 16 Nov 2001 21:51

Ever the naive optimist Ý tried the border directly east from the city of Van (the village is Kapýköy 100km from Van). The army boys said no go for tourists - I think this is mainly a train crossing point, possibly freight trucks. They told be to go to Doðubayzýt which I duly did over the 2700m high pass through sleeting snow. Oh joy. Approaching Van Ý did see a couple of big old yellow signs saying 'IRAN' on the road going to Hakkari in the sth east corner of Turkey so maybe this is a possibility. There were no such signs for Kapýköy. Just when Ý'd nicely exhausted my Lira & petrol too! Ah well.

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