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hanshans 5 Dec 2001 22:41

Traveling with Video/Audio Equip.
First off - sweetest site! Thank you.

I'm planning a trip through Central and South America from Virginia. My plan is to make documentaries and record live bands as I go. My concern is safety.

I am wondering how much attention I will attract as I cross borders. I know my bags will be searched and this is what they will find:

Apple G3 Powerbook ($800)
Canon GL1 Digital Videocamera ($1000+)
1-2 Digital Still Cameras ($200)
2-3 Microphones ($200)
Possibly 8-track recorder ($500)
Cables and stuff ($100)

Will I even make it over the Mexican border? Are the border guards so corrupt and tied into the bandit/mafia/guerrilas that they will simply smile, let pass, pick up the phone, dial their 'friends' and have their friends pick me and my friend off about 10 miles into the country?

I don't want to die anytime soon, but I want to live my dream rather than dream my dream. Could anyone who's traveled through these parts give his or her opinion on how feasible my attempt would be? I will be traveling with my friend, each of us on our own bike but sharing the equipment. We are both 'white' 'mericuns.

Please give me your personal 'go ahead' or 'you're f*cking crazy!' I really want to know.

Thanks again and I look forward to the responses.


rpalmen 6 Dec 2001 00:04

Don't you forget your $10.000+ motorcycle or car? Don't have any personal experiences, but your motorcycle or car looks more valuable and robbery-prone to me...

Susan Johnson 10 Dec 2001 11:34

Hi Hans

Glad you like the site. Don't forget to tell your friends about us!

To respond to your question, our travels through Central and South America were in 1987 and 1998 respectively, but based on feedback from travellers, I don't think much has changed.

First off, you are unlikely to have your bags thoroughly searched at borders unless you look really suspicious or make dumb comments about drugs or weapons. We carried a laptop on all our travels, at the bottom of a saddlebag, and it was never found by any border guard.

Pack your laptop and videocamera gear deep in your boxes and cover them with other stuff, preferably old stinking clothing.
See the story by Julia Powell and Kevin Sanders in the August, 2000 newsletter:

"...We opened up the second pannier and knew it was full of stinking clothes. We hadn't done laundry for over two weeks, and Kevs socks were almost leaping out of the bag as we unzipped the hold-all and the knickers were equally as gruesome! The stench hit our nostrils and in a fit of impatience, Kev grabbed a handful and shouted at the Officer, "solo ropas" (only clothes) "necessito limpiar" (need to clean!) and proceeded to shove them right under his nose. The Officer stumbled backwards as if hit with a brick and coughing, finally waved his hand to say he was done." http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/new...0-08-01.shtml.

Although we wouldn't recommend this tactic, we do have several pages written on border crossing procedures, with excellent general advice on 'How To' from Erwin Thoma, and specific info on a number of Central American borders - what to expect. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/tri...rs/index.shtml

As far as the safety of your bike and other valuables, there are lots of opinions and advice on the HUBB and the site about this topic. Most of it comes down to common sense. Just as if you were travelling in a big city in the USA, there would be neighborhoods you'd avoid, you wouldn't wander around after dark in deserted areas, and you'd probably not want to flash expensive gear around in front of poorer people.

Here's a link to a good general article on not becoming a victim of crime: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/tri...CrimeAvoidance

Your own State Department also has a very good article on this topic: http://travel.state.gov/asafetripabroad.html

At the end of the day, are you safer staying home and never leaving your house? Probably, but who wants to live like that?

"He who is afraid of a thing gives it power over him." ~ Moorish Proverb ~

I'll leave you with a quote from Ryan Wagner and Dan Koengeter, Americans who rode through South America in 1999/2000 - "...Without a doubt-without a shadow of a doubt the best enlightening, growing, fun, insane, unforgettable, weird, bizarre, educational, crazy, incredible experience of my life of 23 years... My only advice is that if you are thinking of having a little adventure of your own - leave now without further procrastination. Don't use money, jobs, and materialism to stop you from experiencing life. Drop everything and GO!!"

For more inspiration, read about Ryan and Dan's trip in the Travellers Stories section on this site: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/tst...an/index.shtml

So you have my personal 'go ahead'! And don't forget to write us about your trip!

Good luck and safe travels!

Susan Johnson
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Susan Johnson 11 Dec 2001 02:03


One caveat - strongly suggest avoiding Colombia at the present time, by shipping from Panama to Ecuador or Venezuela.

Although a number of travellers have passed through without incident, and greatly enjoyed the country, on balance the risk is too high now.

Good luck and safe travels!

Susan Johnson
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hanshans 11 Dec 2001 07:40

Hey thanks for the advice!

It all sounds positive. I'm glad to hear bags aren't searched as frequently as I suspected. Either way, simply going ahead and doing it is what needs to be done. If they getchu, they getchu. Either way it's on to the next.

I'll be sure to keep HU up with the latest.

Thanks again -


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