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XTHeadGirl 10 Aug 2008 20:58

Travel Insurance - Southern Africa
Hi guys, :helpsmilie:

I'm two weeks away from a fortnight riding up the west coast of South Africa from Cape Town, up to, and around Southern Namibia and I wondered if anyone had good travel insurance to recommend that DOES cover motorcycling and has all the other usual cover....? As I'm a resident in the UK, it naturally needs to be cover from a UK provider (err, in case you're reading this Australia.... :Beach:

Thanks in advance to all who do have advice.... as always


HPNer 15 Aug 2008 16:19

You've just reminded me! (I assume you mean travel insurance for medical expenses etc as opposed to third party for you on your bike). I tend not to bother with third part insurance unless its mandatory like Zimbabwe where you can buy it at the border.
I'm off to Dar Es Salaam on Thursday to ride my heap down to Jo'burg for the GS Challenge in September. I took out some one off policies on my last trips which now ended in Dar via Angola (!).
I can't remember the name of the company (but I will find out for you) but they were excellent and reasonable. Be very careful as most travel insurance policies may state they cover you for all activities (except racing and stuff) including riding motorcycles but the small print usually states up to 125cc only(and will not offer cover for larger bikes. This company accepts any size bike (but with a small additional loading).
I'll dig it out when I get home tonight and tell you the name address etc. (and get myself covered too! (It cost me over £6000 in hospital bills for not having it in Southern Africa in 2005)

HPNer 15 Aug 2008 21:39

Ok these are the guys I used:
Campbell Irvine Ltd
tel no 01737 223687
Make sure you mention that you're travelling on a 600cc motorcycle.
Have a safe journey.
Trans Africa 07

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