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Adastra 4 Jun 2011 19:24

Tank bag snatched in Esfahan Iran
Hello wonderful travellers- just another warning (I'm beginning to wonder if it's just me!!!) I had my tank bag (which was loosely fastened) snatched while in traffic today by two guys on a scooter and within 4 hours I also saw a backpack being taken...so a warning to all heading this way - hang onto your gear and don't let anyone get close to the bike...which is hard to do but secure it all down as much as possible.
The adventures continue!!

pecha72 4 Jun 2011 21:18

You mean they stole it, WHILE you were riding, and it was right in front of your eyes??

I´ve usually got my DSLR and all optics etc. in the tank bag, worth some 3000 euros, and unless they´ve got a gun or a knife, I damn sure wont give it away to any slimebag without a wrestling match. But it is of course fastened, too, so it can´t be just snatched in an eyeblink.

Sorry to hear about your negative experiences. We got invited to stay with a local family while in Esfahan, they treated us like old friends, and stealing from tourists just felt unheard of (all over Iran really). But sure, it can happen anywhere.

Mehmet Zeki Avar 4 Jun 2011 23:08

is that happened somewhere near esfahan...As I know you are in İran now...Our friend Burak in Bam now on the way to Zahedan. This is his tracking link..
Trans Asia - Burak Galip Akkurt - Ismail Gumus
he is on the way back to İstanbul. If you wish you can ride backwards together.Or mail me pls...Is there anything else we can do.....I know no facebook available there but Burak has friends in Esfahan and other towns where you can connect facebook... Urgent reply pls......

Adastra 5 Jun 2011 06:13

Yes they took if off the bike while I was on it - it happened in a second and there was no way I could turn around in the traffic to try to chase them. They had been making conversation with me like every other Iranian so I didn't think there was anything wrong. If your bag is securely fastened it will be ok - but from what I have seen in my first 4 hours in Esfahan is two bag snatchings so just be extra vigilant with your stuff in this city..don't let it sit unsecured on your bike at all even if you are with your bike!!! They shoot past on their little motorbikes in a flash and it’s gone.

And yes, I had my camera, wallet, bike travel documents and passport taken. So a little bit of an issue :-) I usually have these in my tank bag for easy access at police / military stops and move them straight onto me when I'm off the bike for safety.

Zeki thanks for the offer I will email you - I will have to stay in Iran for a while until I can get some emergency paperwork through from Australia.

My UK bike rego documents have been taken but I still have my Carnet - does anyone know if this will satisfy border secruity? I hope it will and they don't need to see any other paperwork.

Also this can happen anywhere in the world - in my short experience in the country the Iranian people have been somewhat confused at a single female rider but very very welcoming and helpful. So I do not feel threatened at all....just one of those things.


markharf 5 Jun 2011 06:25

Sounds alarming and distressing, but in the end it'll probably mostly amount to a giant pain in the butt dealing with replacement documents. In a way, that's a cheap lesson.

I don't leave anything of any value attached to the bike by straps alone, whether I'm on it or not. Straps can be easily cut, and they sometimes are. You might think about backing your strap attachments with cable, as I do: either lightweight locking cables, Pacsafe bags made of woven cables, or (my dirtbag alternative) by guitar strings woven into the fabric and straps.

It's not that any of these alternatives is proof against the first person to come along with a pair of sidecutting pliers; it's that grab-and-run thieves like the ones you describe are often ready with knives, seldom with cutting pliers. This approach once saved the bag with my own papers and camera in it: when the thief realized he couldn't slash through the cable-reinforced strap, he quit slashing and walked calmly away. All I lost was a minor bit of blood.

As always, hope that helps.


mark manley 5 Jun 2011 08:51


Originally Posted by Adastra (Post 337882)
My UK bike rego documents have been taken but I still have my Carnet - does anyone know if this will satisfy border secruity? I hope it will and they don't need to see any other paperwork.

When travelling with a carnet I have never been asked for the original reg document so you should be alright.

2foilheads 5 Jun 2011 10:18

Good advice about the guitar strings! I've never heard that one before.

Mehmet Zeki Avar 5 Jun 2011 12:34

ı will mail u some trustful names and tel. numbers in Esfahan after ı talk to them today late evening...I think they are offroad now as the tel.s seem unreachable.
our club members always keep our motors there in Esfahan and do some repairs in their workshops...
Also 4-5 days later, a British couple riders will be around Esfahan on the way from Nepal to İstanbul,our club...
Whatever you decide, our support will reach you within a day...

henryuk 5 Jun 2011 12:39

Shit! Sorry to hear that Adastra. Let me know if you need a replacement V5 ordering!

the celt 5 Jun 2011 15:14


Originally Posted by Adastra (Post 337882)
My UK bike rego documents have been taken but I still have my Carnet - does anyone know if this will satisfy border secruity? I hope it will and they don't need to see any other paperwork.


Hi Adastra,
Really sorry to hear this...
I have used photocopies of doc's to cross borders...
I put them in plastic covers and have a pile of doc's all together
(even doctored a V5 with a pencil and got away with it in Chile)
The Indian Border Secruity seem to go through everything with a fine
tooth comb, but cant remember if they checked V5...
I also needed some stuff sent from Ireland to Iran and used DHL
very good service you can pick up parcels or letters at there DHL
offices in most large cities in Iran

beddhist 5 Jun 2011 22:42

Regrettably, this is nothing new. When I was in Yazd in 2007 there was a lot of crime there. A Chinese lady in our guest house was mugged in broad daylight. Story on my web site.

rtwdoug 25 Jun 2011 11:29

sorry to hear about your bag! damn, what a PITA that has to be!
Not that it helps now, but get one of those little retractable cable locks for next time. Its not going to stop someone with a good pair of cutters, but it will stop a snatching or trying to slice with a knife.

Hope the rest of your trip goes better!


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