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colesyboy 25 May 2004 00:12

Problems in Peru - Llave
Mmmm - just about to set off to this region when I read this:


Also the www.fco.gov.uk site advises no travel here!


Anyone up there right now?


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colesyboy 30 May 2004 06:58

To answer my own question - The violence and "beheading" activities have stopped for the time being. Some kind of agreement reached in Llave.

Thanks for all the fish.


mmaarten 24 Jun 2004 00:47

Newspapers and journalists have degraded in my opinion since I started traveling...

I crossed about 25 roadblocks getting from Bolivia to Peru... and the worst what happened was I had to help at one roadblock to "earn" my passage.... So I shoveled for about 5 minutes and became the hero of the day.

I made it through most of them just by smiling and sharing some coca-leave,s...

It,s all a load of.... ehhhh...


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ohjajoh123 27 Jul 2004 19:34

There have been problems on the bolivian side for some time as well. If things get really bad you couls team up with other people and charter a small boat around the trouble. Make sure you stop for the border crossing though.

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colesyboy 28 Jul 2004 04:00

You are right MMarten, the more I traveled around latin america, the more I realised that its as easy as riding around home, I loved it there and the papers all blew the whole thing out of proportion.



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