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Travellers' Advisories, Safety and Security on the Road Recent News, political or military events, which may affect trip plans or routes. Personal and vehicle security, tips and questions.
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Old 7 Oct 2009
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In planing: UK to Australia March 2010, Greater Wisdom and Knowledge Needed

After completing a two and a half months on a magical journey through the Australia desert on a postie (Steppi, CT110) I have fallen in love with this mode of being a free spirit in the elements and heading off the beaten track to experience all those wonderful things that the everyday traveller does not get to experience. Although its tough i believe the self discoveries and experiences that it comes with are truly worth it.
I am hoping the leave the UK in March 2010 to head back home, the exciting and adventurous way home (I call it going Walk-a-bout). I am so excited and ready for this.

So The plan is this: To travel through Europe via many of the wonderful European countries to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India (Across the Himalayas), Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), Through the South East Asian countries like Laos,Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Across to Sarawak, Borneo, Back to Malaysia to ship from Singapore through Indonesia to Dilli in Timor then Ship to Darwin. Then ride through the monsoon back to the The Channon (North coast of NSW) to be reunited with my lovely Rebeh and Smokey man then down Sydney for a party of a life time (quarter of a century!!! oh yeah!!).

So In my research and sending off emails to all the relevant bureaucracies, I have not got far as replies seem to be quite rare, to keep the light dimmer off my shoulders I thought Id put it out there to see what relevant information people have on Countries, visas, motorbikes, carne's and ferries.

I am some what concerned about being given entrance into Iran and Pakistan and Myanmar at the moment. Has anyone travelled through these countries as of late and is it still going to be possible given the current state of affairs. I probably should apply for visas as soon as possible but then im bound to time and dates. And does anyone know about issues entering Vietnam and Cambodia with a motorbike?

I am taking a step or six up from the postie I previously had and am in search of a XRV Africa Twin, From all I've seen and heard she is the ultimate, So who knows of a sweet babe like the AT at a reasonable price? And as far as Carne's go, What is needed for me to buy a bike here, travel through all the countries stated and then to import it into Australia as I don't really wish to come back (and within one year is a definite no no). If I import it into Australia does that mean i loose my Carne money? What are other ways around this issue that poses many challenges.

As for Ferries has anyone taken a ferry from Singapore to Sarawak or Borneo? Is it possible? And Im trying to find out the likelihood, companies, estimated costing and time associated with ferry trips from Singapore to Dilli in Timor and then from Dilli to Darwin.

I know people out there have this knowledge so if people have other info to share such as must see places along the way or amazing tracks to explore throw ideas to me please. And for anyone who is keen to join me on parts of the trip feel free. I am an open free spirit.
Spread the love and good vibe tracking to all you fellow two wheeled adventures.
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Old 30 Oct 2009
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yo Mardy!

Were planning UK-OZ 2010 also. Heres some of whart we know...

The first British couple (that I have heard of) have just been refused a Pakistani visa. Something to do with UK Gov putting pressure on Pakistani Gov.
Might still be worth a shot. Keep scanning the situation on here.

Burma is a definate no-go, closed to all on their own transport.

Vietnam have changed their rules recently and I believe its now ok to ride bikes bigger than 125 over the border. Cambodia's also no probs.

For anything Africa twin related:
Honda Trail Bike Forums
Your one stop shop for anything to do with these legendary honda trailies.

Sorry I cant be of more help, as I said were still planning aswell.

Happy trails.
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Old 10 Nov 2009
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Hi Marty,

Sorry, can't add much more, but we too are headed that off in the spring, bumming around Europe/Turkey then going south in the autumn, spending as much time as poss in Oz on the way through to NZ and US.

If the situation in Pakistan worsens we'll most likely head Syria/Jordan then ship to India. Some friends made that detour when 9/11 happened just as they were about to enter Iran and they enjoyed the route.

I've read a couple of stories now about people managing to get bigger bikes into Vietnam. Yay!

I'm meeting a friend in a few weeks who's just biked to Delhi so might post some tips later.


The BB's
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Old 10 Nov 2009
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Africa Twin Club

You could try these guys for a bike and certainly info about them..

For Sale / Wanted
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Old 10 Nov 2009
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Originally Posted by Yahoo View Post
Vietnam have changed their rules recently and I believe its now ok to ride bikes bigger than 125 over the border.
Any further details about Vietnam recently changing their rules? This seems to be among the most persistent rumours on the net, and for several years it has been just that. The "over/under XXX displacement"-thing also seems to be false information. And if someone has got lucky, that doesnt really qualify as Vietnam changing their border regulations.

I agree about Burma, it seems to be practically impossible to cross from India to Thailand with your own vehicle. Those who have done it, and I dont believe there are many altogether, have been extremely lucky. Sure your free to try, if you´ve got the time, but I would not have high expectations. The parts of India closest to Burma may also be tricky.

Entering China is possible it seems, but would require huge paperwork, the patience of a saint, and a very sturdy wallet, too. Definitely not easy, and not going to happen just by popping up at a border. Need to start arranging things months in advance.

We did Finland > Australia with my girlfriend on a DL650 some 2 years ago, I´ve kept a blog (well, sort of) and I´m currently translating it fully into English as well as adding stuff, hoping it´ll one day tell the whole story of the trip. It is at: MOTO-Ykkönen - Matkalla

edit. Borneo, at least a couple years ago there seemed to be no ferries there from Western Malaysia or Singapore. Everyone, who have gone that way with their bikes, seem to have had to freight them by ship or by air. There could be something going from Jakarta or other Indonesian islands, though. In general, expect there to be very few international ferry routes in the whole area. And also expect these things to change constantly.

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Old 12 Nov 2009
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I thought that I was the only one heading to Oz in the spring! I'm heading April 2010, I'd be happy to share any info I come accross during my planning stages!
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Old 24 Nov 2009
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This bloke's blog is a pretty good read - UK - Australia via Africa.....

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Old 25 Nov 2009
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Somalia report

Hi all two wheel wayfairers
This is a report that appeared in the news today so thought I would pass it on
Australian journalist Nigel Brennan and his Canadian colleague Amanda Lindhout have been freed more than a year after they were kidnapped in Somalia, local officials say.
The journalists were kidnapped last August along with their Somali driver and two Somali guards while travelling southwest of the capital.
Police spokesman Colonel Abdulhai Hassan Barise said Brennan and Lindhout are at the hotel with Somali lawmaker Botan Isse Alin. Barise and Alin declined to say if ransom was paid for their release

The report stated that they target Journalists and aid workers for Ransom, so take care and safe travel

King Regards

Much safer in Oz so if your down this way give me a call
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Old 29 Nov 2009
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Hi, I just saw your post from September, and wondered how your research is going. We are planning a trip from Cape Town, up through Africa, then east through areas you have talked about. We are also not sure about Myanmar. If you get any feedback, could you let me know.
Thanks, and best of luck to you,

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Old 3 Jan 2010
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Still planning your March trip? I'm planning to do the same but starting in June so will be interested in what turns up.
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Old 5 Jan 2010
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Yes trip is still on the go, finishing up here in London at the moment so plan on leaving at the beginnings of Feb up to Scotland for a few weeks then from Newcastle to Amsterdam to see off some other friends setting off around the world on an old converted fishing ship made into a 3 masted yacht, then continue across europe towards Turkey, keep heading east then south east from there towards home (Australia).

So I found this company who want 2000 pounds to register my bike in chinese, give me a chinese drivers license and a chinese tour guide to travel from South west china to Laos, very expensive and out of my league. So Plan AA? Go to boarder and smile and see what happens. Plan B? Fly me and the bike from Katmandu to Bangkok for 800 American $ for your bike and $400 for me, Plan C? Ship the bike from Channai (Madras) to Bangkok (around the same price as flying but without complications). Plan Z: Make my own raft and paddle as hard as i can

Thats Great news about Vietnam and Cambodia, woo hooo!

Oh and insurance? What have people done for personal insurance?

Im Super keen to meet up with anyone on the road as long as you are up for a real adventure!!!

Its almost leaving time!!!! Thanks for all the replies.
Mr Mardy
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Old 11 Jan 2010
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Hi, do you have a route confirmed? We're trying to finalise a route for a journey from UK to NZ leaving in May.

Our preferred plan is to go through Kazakhstan and down through China. For China we're trying to join up with others to share costs.

How have you done with Visas? We just working out which ones to apply for before we leave and which ones are easier to get on the road.

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Old 12 Jan 2010
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Originally Posted by CarlM View Post
Hi, do you have a route confirmed? We're trying to finalise a route for a journey from UK to NZ leaving in May.

Our preferred plan is to go through Kazakhstan and down through China. For China we're trying to join up with others to share costs.

How have you done with Visas? We just working out which ones to apply for before we leave and which ones are easier to get on the road.


I'm also in the process of looking at going from UK to NZ this year (probably leaving in July) also keen on going through Kazakhstan then maybe through China to Pakistan.

Also trying to figure out visas, but would be keen to know anything about the China bit
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Old 12 Jan 2010
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Originally Posted by mardy convey View Post

Thats Great news about Vietnam and Cambodia, woo hooo!
Yep, Cambodia is do-able, which is great.

Regards Vietnam, may be some Chinese border officials recently told them "look guys, here´s a nice way to extract large amounts of money from falangs, we´ve been doing this for quite some time..." According to gt rider dot com, it really does seem like some have been able to arrange entry on big bikes. But not without paying big time, and not without arranging months in advance.

I do not believe, that there ever really was a rule, that "under 125cc" bikes (or 175, or whatever the capacity depending on who you ask!) have been allowed into Vietnam legally. This is just an example of the amount of misinformation circulating the net regarding the subject.

I do believe though, that some may have been able to sneak in unofficially, when customs people weren´t looking, and this may have even sparked the false rumours. But would doing like this work for you - no one knows. Or whether or not this would bring you trouble later on inside the country.
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Old 14 Jan 2010
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Hi there, me and my buddies have just got back, my friends were more successful than me!

Overland To Aus

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