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SimonR 10 Oct 2005 21:41

Pakistan or not?
Travelling through Iran for Pakistan and India. What's the latest re crossing through to Quetta and also news of the earthquake?

Are people advising NO TRAVEL? Or are we safe to travel this route?

Is the KKH now effectively a no go area?

Is Iran currently the end of the road?

Info please as the bikers are queuing up over here uncertain as the best course of action.

Also - where's the best place on the HU website to find out about this?



beddhist 11 Oct 2005 02:07

Our friend Linda has just passed through there and survived the quake. She hasn't reported any problems, but I have no details as yet. I'm still planning to go through next year and I wouldn't hesitate to go now.

I'm still waiting on info on KKH situation. I think if the army lets you go up then it's OK to go.

davidmc 12 Oct 2005 13:01

If anyone has any current info about the condition of the KKH from the Chinese border to Islamabad, please feel free to post as details become available.

We will be exiting China and entering Pakistan at the KKH in one to two weeks. Delaying our entry is not an option as we have to be out of China before the 28th of October.

I am having a tough time finding up to date info, especially on this ultra-slow internet connection.



Kiwi Pete 12 Oct 2005 20:01

All, the earthquake was centered around Balakot with most of the devastation within a 100km radius: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4322624.stm
Depending on the damage north of Gilgit you may be able to head west from Gilgit over the Shandur pass to Chitral and then south to Peshawar. though this route may be damaged also.

Will try to get more acurate info for you and re-post.

For those in Iran there should be no problem getting into Pakistan then accros to Lahore to cross into India, avoiding Islamabad completley. Not sure if there is anywhere in Pakistan to get an Indian visa other than Islamabad, will try to confirm.


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chris Aus 13 Oct 2005 16:02

Thanks Kiwi Pete,

Get back to work ya lazy Bar5ard!

Just asked the Indian Consulate in Zahedan (Iran boarder town to Pakistan) if we should stay here and get our visa or in Islamabad and they told us to head off up to Islamabad. So off we go. Pete am not sure if I like the comment " avoiding Islamabad completley" Not good news for us! If anyone has more news on the situation especially the KKH would be fantastic. Thanks again Pete



Kiwi Pete 13 Oct 2005 20:52

Yeah, thanks for that Chris, will be thinking about you when I'm sunning it in South America in a years time mate!

This website appears to have good, and up to date info: http://www.jang.com.pk/thenews/
Only refernece to Gilgit I have been able to find is below which was posted today (Thurs 13th)

FWO works to reopen Karakoram Highway
(Updated at 1310 PST)
GILGIT: The Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has launched a drive for opening of the Karakoram Highway between Pakistan and China, which was closed for traffic after land-sliding at several places triggered by the Saturday’s killer quake.

According to a FWO spokesman hundreds of FWO personnel have started work with heavy machinery and bulldozers to remove boulders from the highway that connects the northern territories with rest of the country.


David and Cheryl Laing 14 Oct 2005 19:05

We are at the moment in Denmark and the TV news we have seen of the area makes us think that Islamabud is okay.....not a lot of damage in that actual area so looking 'behind' the cameras of CNN and BBC I would guess that it is fine still to travel there.....after all 2000 journalists cant be wrong. Problem will be is that they (CNN and BBC and all the other hanger ons) have all the accomodation so bed prices could be a lot more than usual with the supply and demand factor.

riztech 15 Mar 2006 16:44

Apart from some areas of Kashmir and Balakot, life was and is as normal as it was on earthquake day. Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi is as safe as London, paris and New York. If you have the chance to come to Islamabad, you will see hundreds of western nationals in hotels.

Route to China from pakistan or vice versa is mostly clear, and in summer it is definitely clear.

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