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mjredl 14 Dec 2010 09:52

No Gas on the road to Ushuaia?
We are in Puerto Madryn and the hotel owner came to us last night and told us that there was no gas from here to the Argentina border on the road to Ushuaia due to a recent gas strike. It sounds suspect, but can anyone confirm this? Or is this a just a hotel owner trying to get us to stay another night or two? Its a nice town to stay in, but Ushuaia beckons. Any info would be appreciated.


Mark and Mchael

mjredl 14 Dec 2010 11:00

Just found this news article on the net. Don't know how long the strike will last or how it will affect travellers to Ushuaia, but could make riding more difficult.

YPF labor dispute paralyzes oil production in southern Argentina - Fox News Latino


MartinTobias 15 Dec 2010 03:25

Thanks for this.

We are in Puerto Madryn at the moment and will be heading for Ushuaia in a couple of days.

Please keep us posted if you head off soon


Gipper 15 Dec 2010 11:06

Hi Guys,

we are in Ushuaia at the moment, the strike is with YPF gas company only, but it is putting pressure on other gas stations with line ups for gas up to several blocks a times especially in Rio Gallegos.

head south and just keep your tanks full when you can and expect some delays.

we are heading North today, some snow on the pass before Ushuaia, but the roads are ok

remember there is a Copec gas station in Cerros Sombrero, Chile, 40 ish kms after the (short) Magellan straits crossing, no tarjetas though or Argie pesos, only Chilian pesos !

The piste South from Cerros to Onaisin is in much better condition than the pistes further east, from Onaisin, head East to San Sebastian Frontera.

mjredl 16 Dec 2010 01:41

Hi guys,

We headed south out of Puerto Madryn the next morning after some discussion. Gassed up along the way without a problem, but when we got to Comodoro Rivadavia, all gas stations had long line ups. By the time we chose to stop and get gas, 3 stations were out of fuel and we ended up in a line up 1.5 hours long. Next morning gas stations were open again with fuel. Rode to Caleta Olivia and sat in a 1/2 hour line up. Fitz Roy was out of fuel. Was able to fuel up at Tres Cerros. Got into Puerto San Julian and all 3 stations were out of fuel. They say they will have fuel this evening. Looks like fuel is available in the mornings and people are stocking up and hording.

My wife found this report on the net today

Argentina's YPF's dispute threatens energy fields - Upstream Online

Hope this info helps you travelers going north and south.

Merry Christmas from Argentina


Mark and Michael

mjredl 18 Dec 2010 12:39

Hi guys,

Made it to Rio Gallegos, stopping en-route to fuel up without incedent. The first station when we arrvied had fuel and 3 tankers fuelling the station. Don't know how long that supply will last. Headed to Punta Arenas and fuel there was no problem.

Fue strike has not been averted yet, read more from the link attached.

Argentina Faces Motor Fuel Crisis As Strike Drags On - Executive - WSJ.com

Happy riding


mjredl 21 Dec 2010 02:22

Good news!

Just picked up the latest news. Sounds like YPF and the union got their act together and settled the strike on Saturday.

Argentina's YPF, oil union in deal to end strike - MarketWatch


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