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Lars 8 Jan 2008 08:11

Nigerian Scam against HUBers or real call for help?
Hey there,

just got a mail from a real (if old) email adress of an old aquaintance, well known here on HUB, claiming that my aquaintance is stuck without money in an hotel in Lagos, Nigeria (of course) and asking me to wire $ 1250 via Western Union to the Hotel owner (because the passport of my poor aquaintance is lost, too), named George Pent, Ekko Hotel, Lagos.

That mail looks like one of those ordinary Nigeria scam mails - except that it looks SO real and passed the gmail spam filter. It even makes the impression of writing from traveller to traveller, appealing to me as a fellow traveller in order to avoid worrying the family.

It is just little things that convince me it is fake: It does not use any form of adress or salutation and also, that mail has not been sent directly to my email adress but as BCC (I suspect that a number of you received that mail, too).

If I wouldn't be quite sure that my aquaintance is currently NOT in Nigeria, I would actually try to get more information.

In fact, I am posting this just to make sure I am not wrong.


Grant Johnson 10 Jan 2008 22:20

Yes, it was a scam - Linda's email got hacked and she now can't get into it.

She's fine, in Tasmania, not Nigeria.

If you're in Tassie, she's looking for work! :)

Martynbiker 10 Jan 2008 22:27

Fao Grant & Everyone
let these guys know

Welcome to the 419 Eater

they LOVE to get their hands on scammers....... its their "entertainment" they call it "scambaiting" or "playing them at their own game"

check em out


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