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Story Leavesley 26 Jun 2004 10:00

Nepal Safe?

I'm scheduled to ship my bike to Kathmandu from Bangkok next week. However, it seems like there is currently a lot of instability in Nepal. The US government has issued a warning against all travel to Nepal because of Maoist blockades and violence against travelers. The warning covers all parts of Nepal. I know the US government often exagerates, but this warning mentions several specific recent events.

Is anyone currently in Nepal? Can you tell me how dangerous it is? Will it be possible for me to ride to Pokhara for treking, and then to Chitwan? And let me know if anyone will be in Nepal in the next couple of weeks and would like to join together for safer traveling.

Thanks for the info.


David and Cheryl Laing 27 Jun 2004 12:19

Think hard before missing Nepal. Great place to be on a bike, but then no place is worth dying for. There were Maoist troubles back when we were there in 2001. Think it is like the mountain scenery and part of Nepal. we always used the rule, do not ride when it is dark. If you change your mind and go to India instead think of being in Goa for Christmas and we will meet up with you there.

simonrjames 1 Jul 2004 09:38

We rode through Nepal in May with no problems at all. We shipped the other way (Kathmandu to Bangkok). As long as you keep off the roads when there is a strike the maoist's wont bother you at all. There are daily riots in Kathmandu, its all a bit of a farce really. Each day the protestors gather on a certain road, the disturbacnce takes place, they get thrown into the back of a police truck, released later that day and the whole process kicks off again the next day. There is no trouble whatsoever on Thamel where you will probably stay.

Go to the Dynasty Hotel. There advertised rate is $60 a night, we got them down to $12. Its a very nice place and safe parking for the bike.

We have travelled from the UK and so far Nepal is the highlight of our trip. Ride across to Pokhara and then down to Chitwan if you get the chance.

You will have a great time.

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