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ilesmark 23 Mar 2010 13:43

Land Rover stolen in Earley, Berkshire
Hi all

Just been made aware of this story - it was in the Evening Standard last week and possibly the Metro too. Have searched the HUBB and nobody else seems to have posted anything about this as yet.

Precious Land Rover stolen - News - getbracknell - Bracknell Forest Standard

It is absolutely nothing to do with me, but in the spirit of overlanders looking out for each other I thought it should be publicised, just in case someone sees a Landrover driving around with stickers reading 'Global Overland' on it.


Joe C90 24 Mar 2010 01:30

I hate to be negative, but up here in Yorkshire, there has been loads of landrovers stolen, destined to be broken for spares to be shifted abroad. unless it is recovered quickly, I doubt it will be seen again.
I hope they are lucky.

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