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Niallo 11 Feb 2008 14:32

Kenya - Non Media update on the ground
For those of you interested in the current situation in Kenya -

This is a non-media update from a man on the ground - not me.

Take from it what you will, but its good to hear from a source other than the media!!


__________________________________________________ _______

...............Am am currently living and working in Kenya so here comes a status/security
update based on my experiences. Of course this is my experience and cannot be taken as gospel,.................

Fuel is available throughout although the price is up to a US Dollar per litre for diesel. In
the main centres of Nairobi and Mombasa live has returned to normal mostly.
Folks are in the shops and driking coffe in the cafes,a nd heading to the
bars in the evening.

Don't let this bubble of normalcy deceive you however. Out of town or
"up-country" as we call it here, life is very bad for the locals. The
violence is not byt and large directed to foreigners, but you shouldn't take
the chance.

So some rules:

DO NOT drive at night anywhere unless you are in the suburbs of Nairobi
DO NOT travel to western Kenya, especially eldoret and kisumu
HAVE CAUTION when dirivng to Naivasha and Nakuru, Narok and the Maasai Mara
DO NOT enter any slum or low cost living areas
AVOID passing through Likoni, Mtwapa and Ukunda when in the Mombasa area at

Tsavo should be good though..... I think somebody suggested going there.

The Kenya coast is very quite now with no tourists coming in so some good
hotel deals can be had. The beaches are lovely and quiet, but do bear in
mind that the locals who normally benefit from tourism by way of sex trade
or curios or selling stuff and guiding are going to have to compete with
each other for your business, and that can get quite nasty......


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