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Laser Jock 15 Jun 2009 23:25

Incredible Images Coming Out of Iran
Iran's Disputed Election - The Big Picture - Boston.com

CornishDeity 16 Jun 2009 04:33

Just to add a reality check
Hi there,

We are currently in Tehran on the visa hunting game. It should be noted that although all those photos are genuine they have been taken at one or two places only. The majority of Tehran is AS NORMAL.

People are going about their daily buisness, and so are we as tourists. Obviously I am not saying that it will remain like this, but as usual the west's media is showing Iran as they want to and not how it actually is.

Having said that the protest yesterday, which was underground and illegal, was apparently massive and very moving for it's peaceful purpose.

We have quite a few journalists staying in our hotel and it is interesting to watch as they whip themselves up into a frenzy, and making sure that the pictures that come out follow the normal agenda. To me it would seem to be similar to being in London as when the poll tax riots happened, and not much more.

On a slightly differnt note, immediately there was trouble international calls, mobile calls, the internet and cable TV all stgopped for 24hrs .... even now the internet is more heavily censored than just before the election.

I hope this small update helps to keep the balance ........

mcgiggle 16 Jun 2009 06:01

Ollie, thanks for the level headed report. I'm afraid even the BBC have gone down the tabaloid route reporting these incidents.


Keith1954 16 Jun 2009 08:14

Yes, thanks Ollie. Proper Job.

But just purely from a photo-tech point-of-view ( .. and I'm certainly no expert), they are indeed sensational pictures though, eh?! .. Fantastic 'moment in time' stuff.

All's well back here in Oggieland BTW.


KEITH (in Newquay)

CornishDeity 16 Jun 2009 10:31

Yes ...

I think Keith is right though, it is interesting to see it happen, and it could well be a moment in time. Lets hope so for the Iranian people who, along with their cousins the turks have been the most amazing hosts to me and the other travellers here.

Just another point, it would seem that in theory there is no support for Armadinajad (sp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but we have met quite a few. Certainly no as many as for Mousavi, but still an 'interesting' amout.

Keep you eye on Cornwall for me :)

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