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BEAR4301 11 Dec 2002 00:55

Helmet Laws
I'm moving to Greece in Febuary and would like to know if Western and Eastern Europe have manitory helmet laws. If they do, what type do they require. I wear a half helmet in the here the States.

Thank You

Nina BMW 22 Jan 2003 05:02

Hi Bear,

I am from Barcelona, Spain, and I have visited many western european countries riding my bike.

If you travel by Western Europe, it is compulsory to use a helmet according to european safety homologation specifications. This means a wide range of helmet shapes and coverings. Anyway the helmet it seems you wear is allowed by spanish laws.

I don't know what exactly happens if you are an US rider in Spain and you wear a helmet bought in your country because this is a very unusual kind of tourist! Anyway it is very difficult that our police asks anyone to see if the helmet has a label of homologation or not. A clean and good-looking helmet, I mean...

I case of doubt, wear helmet.

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