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pjverschaeve 20 May 2010 16:01

Going North - Sudanese transit visa (Saudi exit)
We are in the following situation:

In Addis (eth) with private car.
Need Sudanese transitvisa because we don't have a letter + time
We need a visa for onward country: Egypt is the only possible one in Addis


Our route goes through Saudi (3 day transitvisa) of which we can only obtain that visa in Sudan.

SO, question:
Can we leave Sudan in port sudan --> Saudi with a transit visa that was based on an exit to Egypt?

Help much appreciated!


hook 21 May 2010 01:06

Hi, I would just get the usual visas for Sudan (the 2 week, not a transit with a stated exit point) and Egypt. Once in Khartoum you can get your Saudi visa and just go to Saudi Arabia from there.

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