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pierresas 14 Jul 2005 10:51

Ethiopia to Kenya: shootings near Marsabit
It's difficult to know exactly what happened (bandit raids or battle between clans) but 76 persons were killed on the road between Moyale and Marsabit.


Pierre (& Merritt too)

duksjourney 29 Jul 2005 16:55

Might I shed some light on this issue.

We have just travelled last week from Kenya to Addis. Here are the facts:

Yes there were massacres in the Marsabit region that inluded the town of Marsabit. The killings were due to intra tribal confliucts that have affected this region for the many years. The fewd is over water and grazing lands for cattle. Generally among these tribal disputes westerners are NOT affected. In this case a Catholic Bishop was assassinated in Marsabit. This was to say the least a rare and probably opportunitsic attack unrelated to the other.

The shootings did not take place oin the road, but in villages to the west of Marsabit.

Regarding safety on travelling this road. The area is full of Red Cross, Armyt and Police and is extremely safe to travel.

The reason westerners have been caught in situation in the past is not at the hands of the local tribes but was the work of Somalian insurgents (Shiftas) who use to frequent the area on truck raids. These days this is less then common.

If people are unsure there is a convoy that runs between Moyale and Isiolo and vice versa.

If you are still unsure I can highly recommend travelling via Lake Turkana via Marala, Llyongolani, North Horr, Illeret and Omaulat. Or try the western route of the Lake

This is a beautiful series of pistes, but you will need to be self sufficient to cover at least 400km of stoney, and sometimes sandy pistes. The area is ultra safe./

If you want more infor contact us via www.duksjourney.net

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