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Gipper 17 Jan 2012 21:05

Ethiopia Gunmen Kill 5 Tourists
BBC News - Ethiopia gunmen 'kill five foreign tourists'

pecha72 18 Jan 2012 09:35

Our news is saying, that 4 people have also been kidnapped. The travellers, who were killed, are reported to come from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Italy.

Foreign ministry here has been warning about travel to the Afar region. I don´t know, where exactly this incident has happened, but in their travel advisory (which is dated Dec 14, 2011) it says (and I´m definitely NOT an expert on that area, I don´t have any view on whether or not all of it is correct – this is only a free translation from the paper):

"The border area between Eritrea and Ethiopia is dangerous, and is closed. Stay away from 50 kms or closer to the Eritrean border in Tigre and Afar. Border areas with Kenya, Somalia and Sudan are partly mined, and considered dangerous, and are best to avoid. Dangerous areas also include the middle and eastern parts of the Somali state (formerly Hararge district, including Ogaden), that are located east and south from Jijiga, and the Danakil basin in Afar, especially the parts, that are close to the Eritrean border".

Foflappy 18 Jan 2012 12:11

I always wonder if these types of actions are directed at tour groups as opposed to individual travelers. Or is it that we only hear about the group kidnappimgs and murders?

roamingyak.org 18 Jan 2012 15:22

Almost everybody takes a tour in this area I believe - you certainly had to take an armed guard with you as a minimum. And everybody camps in the same spot to walk early in the morning to the volcano (assuming thats where they were when it happened as it is predictable etc).

Im guessing the areas will be closed now. I was looking to go there next week.

rusty max 18 Jan 2012 15:43

Hi roaming yak,

Maybe you should try to find some adventures, outside those killing fields.
Sure you will.



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