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momirj 31 Dec 2006 00:02

Entering Turkey with the Cyprus registered motorcycle
I’m a Serb (Yugoslavian) nationality (passport), living in Republic of Cyprus (South) and having a CY registered motorcycle.
Can someone from Turkey advice would it be possible to enter Turkey with the CY registration plate.

Samy 9 Jan 2007 07:35

Cy ?
Cyprus is not recognised by Turkey as a country which represents the whole island. It is believed there is two different country and not possible for South to represent itself as "Cyprus" because it is South Cyprus only.

For this reason it is not possible for you to enter Turkey with such a bike registered to CY.
I don't know where are you going to embark from to Turkey, if it is from Greek side, I think you can try yur chance by saying coming from Greece.

Anyhow to be certain I don't recommend you to try it, especially nowadays the tension is going to be a little higher.

ozhanu 9 Jan 2007 08:37


You can not enter to Turkiye with a CY reg bike as stated above even from Greek border. The reason is the costom officers are checking every single paper (bike registeriaton documents, carnet (if required) your passport, visas, etc.) as soon as they see your Cyprus Registeration documents they wont let you enter. This is politics and nothing to do with people. If you have a chance try to come with another reg. bike or ask them to change your documantation authorised by a Greek government.

Best of Luck
ozhan u.

Antonis Vassiliou 11 Jan 2007 19:36

I am also interested in such a trip. I come from Cyprus and my motorcycle is also registered in Cyprus. Talking to Turkish Cypriots it seems to me that is not going to be difficult to visit Turkey but maybe my information are wrong. The easiest way to cross to Turkey is to go to the North and catch the ferry from Kerynia. Its cheap and just few hours away. Anyway, I think that if you go to the North you can find these information more easily.
Eiii Momirs, where do you live? lets meet for a beer. I am in Limassol and my email is vassiliou_antonis@hotmail.com


usl 12 Jan 2007 14:52

Hi ;

Actually i think the best way is to check with the embassy ...

For what i know, since neither turkey or nctr has any office in south side of the island, british embassy is dealing with such queries ... So its best to get in touch with them.


momirj 19 Jan 2007 20:46

Will give it a try...
Politics….. Thank you all for your comments. I may give it a try entering from North. Even if border police refuse to let me in, I’ll just take the same ferry back (few hours wasted will not kill me).

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