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pecha72 20 Feb 2008 08:22

East Timor security?
Just arrived in Bali, and about to start checking out the options to get our bike to Australia. (Theres even a possibility to team up with 2 aussies, who are heading this way, so that would make 3 bikes altogether)

Right now, the only regular cargo ship that I know of, is the Perkins line from Singapore to Darwin via Dili.

So, if there doesnt turn out to be a better option from Bali, then we'll probably head to East Timor. Reading the news & official travel advices do not make one feel very comfortable about that country!

Any advice regarding travel in East Timor (we would ride from Kupang), places to stay in Dili, etc., would be greatly appreciated. We have already had our fair share of the rainy season in Java, and are hoping the roads further east will be passable, as some roads in Java had 40-50 cms of running water!!

Or if someone has any info about any alternatives, how to get a bike from Indonesia to Australia, that would be useful, too. I have checked out the shipping pages on this forum, but things do change so fast around these places, you really need recent information.

Walkabout 20 Feb 2008 15:43

Nice going Pecha: just a reminder that there are a couple of communities in Indonesia, one in Bandung and another in Bali.
I would think it worth contacting them for information about shipping - the link is over there on the left of this page!

Good luck (don't think you need it mind - it's going well from what you have said).


pecha72 21 Feb 2008 07:56

Something to add
...regarding safe travel in this area:

I just talked to an Australian guy, who runs a business here, and he was very helpful and informative.

He called his friend, who runs boat-tours to the neighboring islands, and learnt that they are now stuck with a group of tourists in Lombok, because in between there are storm winds and 40ft waves!

The Aussie guy was clear to point out, that it would actually be very dangerous for us to travel further east from Bali, before the winds will calm down. This is because not all of the local ferries will stay in the harbour, even if they should. Combined with their lack of seaworthiness to begin with, them going out in this weather is the main reason there are so many sinkings here each year.

So, think twice before going into the boats here, when the seas are rough.

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