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STG06 7 Jan 2009 16:14

Death on Dakar
A recent news wire post that carries some sad news....

French Rider dies on Dakar

Linzi 7 Jan 2009 16:32

Hi, that's sad news, but thanks. Linzi

Threewheelbonnie 7 Jan 2009 17:04

What terrible news.

The BBC report has slightly better detail, says he was sat next to his helmet with some food waiting for a rescue team.


mcgiggle 7 Jan 2009 17:11

Tragic, but everybody knows the score, I feel for his family and friends.
Given the chance I'd be there myself, wirhout out any hesitation

Samy 7 Jan 2009 17:59

sad story.

I guess dehydration...

BCK_973 7 Jan 2009 18:31

last minute data
From ADV:
Looks like he had problem (no fuel...). Informed ASO about it. Removed helmet and protectors, prepared shelter against sun and been waiting. He also sent distress signal (button on iritrack) one. May die on heart attack or so. But the distress signal came to Argentina from centre at France way too late. But maybe he was dead after while even if they would come in two hours or so. It may explain why he did not looked what is up when they loaded another bike nearby.

Sad to read all this!I had the wish with a non fatal rally.But as a extreme the Dakar will be giving us news like that for shure.
Here a picture i tool from him at Saladillo gas stop.

My condolences to the family....

BCK_973 7 Jan 2009 18:38

192 standing for gas

Big Yellow Tractor 7 Jan 2009 20:42

This is really so ****ing sad. All the entrants to the Dakar are aware of the risks involved but this is really awful. The event has always had an image of camaraderie with competitors mucking in to help each other out. To think that this poor bloke activated his emergency beacon then found some shade to await rescue but no body found him for three days. Absolutely unforgivable.

BCK_973 7 Jan 2009 22:49

new update
quoting from ADV
Austrian broadcasting reports that Terry died of a heart attack on sunday or sunday night, according to the coroner's report of the hospital in Santa Rosa.

Eurosport reports that the distress signal reached Paris on sunday but wasn't relayed to Argentina until monday.

Tim Cullis 8 Jan 2009 00:46

Could have been cardiovascular insult caused by dehydration--mainly a problem of shock, not helped by a thickening of the blood.

Would I do the Dakar? Well if you paid for my bike, the bike preparation, the time and expenses I needed for training, plus £50,000 on top for my trouble, then I would still say, "No thanks." Just the thought of being chased down by idiotic cage drivers terrifies me.


Threewheelbonnie 8 Jan 2009 07:57

I think Tim and I are travellers not racers. You wouldn't get me on the Dakar if they threw in free beer for life and a couple of oil wells.

I do however have a lot of respect for someone whose obviously pursued their dream. I think the Dakar people really need to get their act together if the information coming through is correct. I think this poor guy might have lost his life because of the time difference and the fact it was the weekend. If that is the case, it is utterly unforgivable.

Tim, you seem to know about this condition? Would water have been the only self help? Thickening of the blood I know is helped by Asprin, would you risk taking it without seeing a doctor first if you knew you'd be out there for hours? I guess if you had internal injuries Asprin would make it worse?


endurin 8 Jan 2009 13:53

would aspirin help? who knows..
these might be known to most of you there, but I would like to drop a few lines; just in case:
  • first of all, no one seems to know the exact cause of death; it could be a heart attack in the first place;if then, dehydration might have deteriorated the situation;
  • dehydration is loss of critical amount of water from the body-AND-the electrolytes; of which, sodium (table salt) is the most critical one... So, plain water could only deteriorate the whole equilibrium of the body by diluting the left amount of electrolytes. mineral water could be more rational for it contains electrolytes, but won't solve the problem! Dehydration is an emergency and should be treated properly.
  • aspirin does not do any harm to you if you are dhydrated.( but won't help either !)
  • if one has a cardiac situation, a heavy dehydration and fatigue-which is the rule in such physical conditions like Dakar rally, a heart attack can occur. and what a heart attack add to the situation is, the pain; and pain changes the way the metabolism runs, seriously.
  • if there's no stomach ulsers etc. then, aspirin 100-300 mg/daily is recommended for men over 40; all the time, Dakar rally included. it is beleived to postpone heart attacs, you know.
  • AND, if you feel something wrong while on the track OR anywhere-doing anything; stop whatever you're doing, and RELAX; get an aspirin if you have one-you can chew it and in emergency situation, chewing is better; call an ambulance; wait ( or hope ?)
  • if there was an emergency signal mechanism and was used as expected, why it did not work like there was an "emergency"; it is hard to understand. they should've calculated the time zones etc. already.

AliBaba 8 Jan 2009 17:20


Originally Posted by Threewheelbonnie (Post 222046)
I think Tim and I are travellers not racers.

Good point. To travel or to race is totally different, quite a few people don’t realize this.
Personally I have interests in both and have started to pick up racing again after 20 years absence.

mcgiggle 8 Jan 2009 17:32

Could not agree more, travelling and racing could not be further apart.

Tony P 8 Jan 2009 21:24

I saw the thread title a few times and though 'how very sad, but this person was probably actually living his life's dream - so what a way to go out"


having time on my hands I read the thread. The circumstances surrounding this guys death (as we know them so far) are absolutely inexcusable. Whether he was racer, traveller or dreamer, he not only had the time to do so, but actually did, all the right things. The organisation let him down.


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