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Franconian 5 Jul 2008 13:06

Crack on pannier rack - welding workshop Scotland?
Hi folks,

I am on the road towards Iceland. Unfortunately I just noticed a crack on my right pannier rack (Five Stars).
It is exactly in the middle on top where the fastener for the pannier is fitted.

I think it can be easily welded.

Can someone recommend a workshop in Scotland?



MikeS 5 Jul 2008 16:34

You don't actually say where you are but I'd suggest looking in the Yellow Pages. I don't think you'll be short of welders in Scotland.

Franconian 5 Jul 2008 18:25

I will be in Edinburgh tomorrow. Will check yellow pages.



DougieB 6 Jul 2008 14:46

you probably won't find a 'welding shop', as I doubt there's enough demand for a specialist up here. though there are a few blacksmiths in the towns and villages around you could try. there's an MG/Classic Car garage in Dalkeith (7 miles), and another in Cardenden (12 miles?).

I'd try the classic car garage, as they may be able to do it or tell you who can.

Edinburgh Sports Cars
8 North Wynd
Dalkeith, EH22 1JE
0131 6541613

remember to disconnect the battery...


wanderingscotsman 31 Jul 2008 13:34

Just incase anyone searches the forum for similar information, I just put a pannier into these guys in Leith, Edinburgh for a bit of a fix up. I only needed some banging into place (technical term!) of a lock and securing clip to pannier rack as it was stretched a bit after coming off the bike. They were ready to trim the latch and do a tiny weld for me. Full workshops etc but they were helpful and said they do all sizes of jobs so it wasn't an issue.


Yell ยป GEORGE BROWN, EH6 6QS, Welders
5-6, Shore,

Tel: 0131 554 5436

Full Machine Shop Services

Hydraulic & Tensile Testing
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