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Brian and Marie 11 Nov 2008 14:02

Chile border closed
We have just returned from San Sebastian in TDF only to be told that as of 8:00am the Chile border is closed due to a labour dispute (union). Apparently this is country wide and will last up to 48 hours. Right now there is no way on or off of TDF.

pslootmans 11 Nov 2008 20:39

we just passed a week ago and there were strikes in the port of Ushuaia, so not surprised. thanks, will inform hostel as well, because people are leaving from here towards the south.
cheers, pascale

fastfreddy 11 Nov 2008 21:09

Trapped inTDF
Sounds like its a good time to get a souvenir t-shirt,with "Trapped in TDF" on it.

Brian and Marie 11 Nov 2008 21:39

We have a bit more info as we just called the Aduana office and got thru. In total they say 2 borders were affected, the one just south of Rio Gallegos and the one at San Sebastian on TDF. As soon as officials found out that a strike was taking place at these two border posts they sent some people to man the border near Rio Gallegos. According to them the San Sebastian border remained closed today but we think some people may have gotten thru (not sure how as we were turned back). The office explained that the San Sebastian border will be opened tomorrow morning as they are sending personel there also (presumably bosses). So from what we gathered all will be business as usual as of tomorrow morning. Will keep our fingers crossed!

PS love the idea of the t-shirts!

The numbers to contact the offices are the following:

431953 is the Rio Grande aduana office
433599 is the San Sebastian border office
We do not have the number for the border post near Rio Gallegos

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