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VFR-superfreak 31 Aug 2010 18:36

Bridge out on main southbound road, Nayarit-Jalisco Mex.
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On entering Puerto Vallarta. Rd #200. The southbound bridge collapsed last night and the other side is closed for eval. Marina has put watercraft to transfer passengers between the two points but it's not expected to be enough.

Alternate routes are through Mascota and the new road but traffic will triple and that road is sketchy after rain but passable on whatever you ride.
Through Ameca if your bike can do dirt tracks.
Or through Guadalajara-Colima, wider lanes and 3 options after crossing the city; through Autlan-Barra or Colima itself thru Manzanillo.
Lat 20°41'34.16"N
Long 105°15'40.99"W

pic. attached.
-Your friendly Mexicanuck stationed long term around this area.

Panny 6 Dec 2010 21:41

no longer a problem!


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