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Globetrotter 19 Aug 2009 12:21

Awash Bridge in Ethiopia blocked for motorbikes
If your heading for Djibouti or Dire Dawa from Addis Abeba or vice verca:
The bridge at Awash crossing the Awash River is closed to motorbikes. No reasons were given to me but it seems it's the law... whatever that means.
If you wanna cross you need to get the bike on a truck or a pick-up.

The bridge is only about 50 metres long and there are CP with armed guards on both ends. I was told about the issue beforehand but I wanted so see it for myself. When approaching the bridge I had quite some speed on the clock and the guards where in their houses and no ropes across the road. So I kept going at speed and crossed but then the guard at the other end came out of his hut and cocked his weapon while I passed him. I was about 50 metres passed him heading uphill when he actually fired after me. He missed and I just hope he didn't hit the truck driver passing me...

65 Km later I was stopped by two traffic policemen who were contacted by mobile phone. After 10 mins at the police station I was free to go but only after the told me one again that it's the rule of the law that no motorbike can cross the Awash Bridge.

If you don't wanna put your bike on a truck the only way around is to head up to Kembolcha (near Dessie) and then head east to Mille.

Best regards from Khartoum


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