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Peter Colwell 18 Jul 2001 03:52

Alaska Highway
A group of 14 friends from all over the US, and yours truly from Australia, has just ridden the full length of the Alaska highway.
17th June to 28th June.

Most of it is in good to excellent condition, with one dramatic exception. Most of the construction is very short and no problem at all, hard base. There is one long section, about 20 miles between Whitehorse and Tok, which was also no problem on the way up, but one the return over that section it was a different story.

It had rained heavily on major construction and the result was a half mile skating rink. many bikes had fallen, including trailers, and the mud was of the sticky calcium chloride kind. We all got through sans any falls, but our passengers dismounted, it was no place for heroics. The road gang guys were very good, they stopped the traffic for our passage..

But overall the road was much better than our research had indicated.

We rode bikes ranging from Kawasaki Concourse, to BMW R100GS, R100R, R1100RT, and a lone Gold Wing 1800. And one Harley.

No flat tyres despite the many very short gravel bits and no bike problems, good fine weather, warm temps, it was a fantastic experience.

We returned from Skagway on the ferry to Prince Rupert, two days was enough, but it was ok..

If you're thinking of going, don't be put off by the road, but accept that your pristine bike will get filthy...

fastoy Australia

John Ferris 18 Jul 2001 21:40

My wife and I just did a similar trip.
We took the ferry from Bellingham,WA to Juneau,AK. Then the ferry from Juneau to Seward,AK. Then on our BMW R100R we rode to Anchorage, Denali, Fairbanks. Then all of the Alaska Highway to Dawson Creek.
The worst highway construction was in the Yukon. After crossing into Canada between Tok,AK and Whitehorse,YK and one spot just south of Haines Junction. This was on June 27th. This was a complete tear-up, soft dirt on one side and on the other was watered dirt and mud. No traffic at the time so we had no broken tracks to follow. It was difficult for 2-up. I am glad it wasn't raining. Is it just the Yukon that does that? Alaska and British Columbia always had a least one good track.

Peter Colwell 14 Aug 2001 02:46

John, on the 27th June we travelled from Whitehorse down to Skagway, having come from Tok the day before, and Anchorage the day before that. I was also on my R100R. It was ideal for the trip, and is an ideal combination for light weight, but with good pillion capability. It has never given a minute's trouble in 56000Kms, all done on six US/Canadian/Mexican trips.

Yes, parts of the road were a challenge, but like most trips, you need a bit of drama to put a good deep mark on the memory bank...


iceman 25 Aug 2001 05:05

Ride my bike in or out of Alaska? I have a Japenese version of a BMW r80 a (1991 VX-800) shaft
drive V twin Suzki for ride exchange, rent or sale. You can ride/ferry down the
Alcan 4+ days & drop off on west coast or in San Jose, Calif.
There are about 7 micro brewerys in
Anchorage & @ least 2 have free weekly tasting tours, Arorua Boralis &
Midnight Sun.

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