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xfiltrate 16 Nov 2007 16:48

AAA Club Affiliates Around the World Web Site
Here is a break-through regarding *American Automobile Association Affiliates serving you abroad and a detailed country by county list of club names, contact info and the services provided to AAA members.

Go to: AAA Exchange

Here, if you click on "Around the World" then click "International Clubs" you can select the country or countries of interest and click on each country to discover the services provided to *AAA members.

For example: by clicking "Argentina" I discover there are two affiliates, ACA (Automovile Club Argentino) and TCA (Touring Club Argentino). I note that the Emergency Road Services are "fee based" with discount for AAA members at ACA, but apparently, TCA offers(within limits, I am sure) "Emergency Road Service" and does not state "fee based".

There is a lot to be explored here. A brief review indicates that all clubs offer General Touring Information and Assistance to members of AAA for free... This web page might be worth the effort to check it out.

Please report your experiences on this thread for the benefit of others. Thanks. xfiltrate in Buenos Aires, Argentina

wile e 16 Nov 2007 22:51

Wow, great find. Bookmarked immediately. Thanks!

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