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vincent danna 7 Dec 2008 19:37

4x4 robbed in montevideo (uruguay)

we were a bit stupid but ...

one night, 2 months ago, on the main square (plaza independencia), in front of the nicest hotel in town (radison) in montevideo (uruguay), our car was visited, they broke a window and took everything inside !!!

we got help from the police, french embassy, a crazy story, see here on our website :


since we recovered nothing

we should have put the car in a private parking and pay a few pesos

so really beware even in the "look like" safe places in south america ( i just read the post on stolen helmets in iguazu) : sorry, i don t want to generalize but recently we heard so many stories of foreign cars being visited and robbed !

enjoy, still :-)
and safe travels

vincent danna 15 Jan 2009 23:13

yup, it s right in montevideo and elsewhere
we did not go
we let the police and the embassy do their job
no good news yet

happy trails

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