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Samy 29 Jan 2007 08:46

Sharing Experiences of Accidents
We all have experiences (hopefully some don't have) with accidents.
It is time to share and make others experienced too. At least should know what to do and not do in some situations.

Worst I had was: In an early morning I was riding 90 km/h speed on tarmac and there was a small truck riding very slow on the right side of the road. I was thinking why he was so slow (I guess 30-40 km/h), warned him by horn and started to overtake; I don't remember the rest.
I stayed in bed for 2 months, had 5 operations, stayed in wheeling chair for 6 months, then had sticks for 1,5 years. I had osteomiyelit in my right tibia (bone infection) and had really awful and sore time for more than 2 years.

How was the accident happen: there was a willage and a small road I couldn't see on the left. Driver wanted to take that small road and turned left without checking the road and mirror; blocked the road and I had no time at all to find a way out.

What was my mistake: Should guess if he is riding so slow, he should make a turn and block my way. I can be sure of he heard my warning to overtake and do it afterwards.

Please share yours.

Hope good ridings without any accident at all.:mchappy:

Hindu1936 30 Jan 2007 16:08

Old Woman and I had filled up just east of Taebu-do. Full tank, relaxed with coffee. Headed into the acceleration lane and checking behind-clear traffic so picked up speed to about 65mph and began edging into the travel lane. One more look behind and that is when we hit an oil slick about 30 feet across and maybe 150 ft long. Everything happened so fast that not until we were out on the other side did I realize I had hit my emergency flashers. We spun around at least once, nearly went down on either side because of the separater (it is pretty bumpy) I jammed both knees, wrenched my shoulder and guess it took three days to get the seats cleaned. Why? I should have been looking far ahead as well as behind. I should not have taken for granted that a four lane highway would be clean. We weren't hurt except for the strained shoulder and knees although the running boards both got scraped somewhat. Never assume anything is going to be the way it should be.

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