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ukiceman 14 Mar 2008 15:35

Keeping your money in good condition
Hi people

The title may sound a bit odd, but the problem was real. Two years ago I went for a ride from the UK down to Monaco; I was carrying the cash for the return part of the trip in a leather money belt/holder thing around my waist, along with my V5 and insurance.

Man it was hot, very very hot, for the whole holiday. When I got down to Monaco and after I’d done the F1 tunnel I stopped at the harbour and found I needed some more funds, so I got out my return stash. When I got the cash out I S**T myself the cash was in a bad way, so bad the colours of ink were starting merge with each other, and the notes had stuck together with all the moisture caused by me sweating like a bush pig.

What I found odd was I never had any problems spending the cash on that coffee I needed, I figured if had problems I could MAYBE get it replaced at a bank. My V5 and insurance papers had to be replaced when I got home, that’s how bad it was.

When I go on my big ass ride I’m going to be taking a lot more cash than I had on a two week holiday. Anybody had anything like this happen to them? How or what do you wrap your money in? Greased cooking paper then cling film? What kinds of bum bags do people use?


travelfor4 14 Mar 2008 17:24

wouldn't a ziplock plastic bag solve the problem?

ukiceman 14 Mar 2008 17:44


Originally Posted by travelfor4 (Post 179751)
wouldn't a ziplock plastic bag solve the problem?

just been looking at some of them, aquapac bags. nice and small pocket sized, bout a grand in each. wot a stupid post i made :rolleyes2: found them about 5mins after i made the post...Doh

mollydog 14 Mar 2008 18:57

Bad Money
Everyone needs to figure out where

the celt 15 Mar 2008 15:47

Very simple and cheap....
This is what i use,
get an old bicycle tube, cut it up
into to strips big enough for the notes
fold over the ends and gaffer tape.
thats it and hide where every you want,
believe me this works Ive used it on me last two

dpdaniel 19 Mar 2008 09:50

Not a problem if you come to Australia!
I had a similar problem when backpacking in SE Asia a few years ago. Even my passport was getting ruined.

I found the plastic ziplock sandwich bags perfect - put the money inside the ziplock and the ziplock inside a money belt. They are also good as you can put a designated amount in each bag so you don't need to pull out all your money each time. I use them for a variety of things when camping as well.

Even better now I have a money belt that goes over my shoulder and neck like a tote bag, only inside my shirt/jacket - very safely concealed and doesn't get sweaty.

I was also given a good tip once (sorry if this is obvious to all, but it wasn't to me at the time) - have a small amount of money in your pocket in a wallet/purse as well so if you get robbed/mugged you can pull out your "money" and hand it over straight away, and if you get pick pocketed it's not a huge loss.

BTW not a problem if you come to Australia - we have plastic money which is awesome for longevity, especially if you wash your jeans after a big night out on the town and forget that you put the change from the ATM or Kebab shop in your pocket at 3am! (Now a number of countries are contracting out their money printing to the Australian Mint)

Hope this helps,

Mischa 26 May 2008 04:22

Here in Costa Rica no establishment or bank will NOT accept any torn dollar bills of any face value. This is kind of a big hassle.

Ride Safe


Frank Warner 29 May 2008 00:49


Originally Posted by dpdaniel (Post 180541)
BTW not a problem if you come to Australia - we have plastic money which is awesome for longevity, especially if you wash your jeans

Yes - just don't iron it afterwards

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