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Shoganai 21 Jul 2011 05:48

Home Made Evaporative Cooling Shirt

(1) Tee shirt
(4) 1-1/5 pieces of velcro One Wrap
(1) Camel Bak bladder
(1) Hand pump w/ fittings for 1/4" ID tubing
(1) Quick disconnect w/ fittings for 1/4" ID tubing
(1) Reducer from 1/4" ID tubing to 1/8" ID tubing
(1) check valve for 1/8" ID tubing
(1) "Y" connector for 1/8" ID tubing
Some small and large silicone tubing. (see below)
Some zip ties
Exacto #11 blade

Sew two velcro tabs on a tee shirt, one one each shoulder.

Make a loop of small tubing using the "Y". It helps to cover the tubing with the remaining velcro to help you get the right length.

Attach the check valve as seen below.

Add tubing to make it just below your jacket.

At this point you'll need to sit on your bike to get the right lengths of tubing based Camel back placement and how you want to route the system.

Make sure you use a sharp blade to make VERY small holes in the tubing.
If you make the holes to large (see pic) the pressure drops so badly you get even wetting of the shirt.

As to hole placement, I chose mid-collar bone in front and mid-shoulder blade in back.





Note: No zip tie on small connection. This will act as break away should the rider come off the bike.


The Camle back will be attached to the bike.


The tiny hole can have a flap of silicon / un-removed piece. Water flows thru under pressure.


Some supply links.
I don't recall where the other pieces came from. I had them some project in the past.

The idea was modified from another rider's idea. (Ron) And used with his permission.

The tubing is Silicone (very flexable, semi-rigid), not Nalgene (rigid, poor flexibility).
Found here >>> Silcon® Silicone Tubing | U.S. Plastic Corp.

57292 The small tubing is Tygon® Sanitary Silicone Tubing 1/8" ID x 1/4" OD with 1/16" Wall
(bought in 10' sections) ($17.30)

57296 The large tubing is Tygon® Sanitary Silicone Tubing 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD with 1/16" Wall
(bought in 10' sections) ($24.10)

One quick disconnect M/F set
64650 Acetal Coupling Quick Disconnects Acetal Shut Off Coupling In-Line Hose Barb 1/4" ID ($4.82)

64660 Acetal Coupling Quick Disconnects Acetal Shut Off Inline HB Insert 1/4" ID ($4.95)

Etherelda 27 Jul 2011 16:15

how does it work? I'm not good at science!

Shoganai 28 Jul 2011 04:12

It seems to. The real test starts very, very shortly. :clap:

It all started here. K11 Owners Group :: View topic - Ofishul Hungry Dungee IV Thread - Tentative Dates 8/5-8/2011
And became this. K11 Owners Group :: View topic - Damn you gauntlet throwing Duck!
Here is the Spot Share page I set up for this trip.

SPOT Shared Page

There's nothing on there now, but there will be when I start moving
It's open access so you don't need a password.

My theme song for this ride.
‪Titan A.E -Valkyrie flight‬‏ - YouTube

So it's going to be an 18 day, ~9400 mile ride that will include (one)
Iron Butt 50CC (cross country from Jacksonville to San Diego in < 50
hours) and I might be able to squeeze in (two) Iron Butt Bun Burner
Gold's (1500 miles in < 24 hours).

I will also be pre-riding the DustyButt 1000 route which is a 1000
miles on dirt in less than 24 hour ride, weather permitting. Since
I'll be on my 1996 K1100RS for this ride, 1000 miles solo on dirt in
both day and night will be entertaining.

I'm hoping some Colorado folks might be able to join me on the DB1000,
but I'm not expecting it as it's a big commitment of time on short

I will be riding from DC to Jacksonville, San Diego, Seattle, Mount
Rainer, Grassy Valley CA, Gerlach NV, Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado
Springs, Fort Worth, Springfield MO then back to DC.

The 50CC is the same one I almost died on in 2007. I want to
re-attempt it and this is the first year I'm physically and mentally
ready to try again.

In 2007 while attempting an Iron Butt 50CC to raise money for the Make
a Wish Foundation I crashed at over 70 mph that resulted a severe
concussion, burst fracture T6 and T7, and fractures of T5 through T10
left lateral spinus processes. I got a chopper ride I don't remember.
I lost 9 days time and still suffer from memory issues and the damage
to my spine causes me chronic pain, esp. with riding. It's still a
small price to pay to give a little something to dying children. I did
raise $12,900 none the less.

I leave on 7/29.


Originally Posted by Etherelda (Post 343840)
how does it work? I'm not good at science!

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