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Martynbiker 2 Oct 2007 19:58

Documents - Handy Hints
LAMINATE the following:


This saves a lot of wear and tear, means they are waterproof, dirt proof, and tear-proof!

Fold Into 'thirds' and they dont take up much room in an inside pocket or a bum-bag either.

mollydog 3 Oct 2007 03:42

What I've done since the 60's is to make nice Color Copies of all important docs. Also, if you have an old, expired passport and DL, take them along....very handy with corrupt police/military. When pulled I never give my real passport or DL.

In many places copies are required and sometimes they want originals. The color copies often pass for original. (my bike Title for example). I also carry Blk. & White copies too. Some borders can gaff you on copying charges.


Frank Warner 3 Oct 2007 04:43

If you reduce the copy to half size you can get more per copy .. thus saving weight and space.

Dakota 3 Oct 2007 08:29

In Spain you can get all your documents, driving licence, passport etc Notarised for a small fee. Photocopies are taken and the Notary signs and stamps them - they are as good as the originals.

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