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Linzi 9 Oct 2008 20:26

Air Filter when dusty
I'm off to Morocco in about 3 weeks. I've just read in Sahara Overland that my K&N air filters are absolutely unsuitable in dusty conditions. Anyone any idea what is ideal for a 1979 850cc Moto Guzzi air cooled bike engine in dusty Morocco? There is space for short conical filters or a box put across the bike to feed both 36mm carbs. I wonder how you make sure the engine gets enough air while the filters are dense enough to remove dust. Any ideas please. Linzi.

Big Yellow Tractor 9 Oct 2008 21:05


Normally, off-road bikes use a twin density foam filter that is soaked in sticky filter oil.

They are very free-breathing; it's the oil that traps the dust.

When riding in very dusty conditions, I also use a filter skin, this is avery thin bag that fits loosly over the filter as a pre-filter.

Not sure what you can adapt for your bike though.


Linzi 9 Oct 2008 21:15

Thanks, I can check with a local KTM centre then. I was thinking of wrapping the correct type of oiled-foam around the K%N's. The bike would be liable to suck in any home made foam filter--it's a beast! I'll need to experiment with the mixture screw when I get there as the hot air would make it run rich anyway. Thanks for rapid reply. Linzi.

Big Yellow Tractor 9 Oct 2008 21:26


Originally Posted by Linzi (Post 210297)
I was thinking of wrapping the correct type of oiled-foam around the K%N's.

Foam filters are normally within an airbox. I'm not sure how effective wrapping the K&Ns in oily foam would be.

Linzi 10 Oct 2008 09:15

Ah, thanks. I had been told years ago not to oil an air filter as it would restrict air flow too much. It seems that guy's information was out of date and a bit inaccurate. It should be easy to make an air box across the bike and see how the KTM's are filtered. Thanks for the guidance as I had intended to tke the K&N's and clean and oil them as needed. But Chris Scott picked them out by name as engine wreckers in dust. God forbid what open bell mouths must have done to some bikes in Italy in the 70's. Linzi.

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