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Ralph 18 Mar 2006 20:35

XTZ 660 workshop manual & spares list CD
I have put all the pages of the Yamaha workshop manual and parts book onto CD Rom. They are in PDF format for viewing with acrobat reader or similar.

It covers the 3YF models up to about 1996.

Anybody needs a copy email me and I'll post one out.


Sorry lads but I am no longer going to provide copies of the manual. I went to a lot of expense getting the original manuals for myself and used to send out CD versions to anyone who asked, free of charge, as a goodwill gesture because I felt thats how a biking community like ours should work. I sent copies as far away as Austrailia free of charge.

Unfortunately someone has recently put the CD copy (or one like it) on ebay at £4.49 To think that someone would make a quick buck from my generosity has annoyed me.

I would like to ask anyone who has recieved a copy of the disc from me not to try to profit from it, but rather distribute it freely if they wish.

Many Thanks


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