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ptr10001 16 May 2007 16:49

XL600LM twin headlights wanted

I wondered if anyone has a pair of twin headlights for an XL600LM.

I have a bike which was bought in France, apparently to pass an MOT here and register it here the lights need to dip to the left and not the right. so I need to replace the headlights.

If anyone has any great ideas on other options please let me know



Steve Pickford 18 May 2007 22:28

Stick the appropriate shaped piece of black tape over the relevant part of each lens to prevent the beam blinding oncoming drivers - my DRZ has a euro light fitted & passed it's MOT a few weeks ago with this mod.

Edit - you'll find it very hard to source UK spec headlights for this particular bike, same goes for the tubeless wheels I believe.

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