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bernardo feio lightweight 28 Dec 2011 14:44

WTB: reay wheel BMW R100GS
WTB: rear wheel BMW R100GS
(in Europe please)

Jake 28 Dec 2011 16:21

If you get really stuck - so you need to think like having tried everywhere else before coming to me - even then I am very reluctant to sell at the moment but as a last resort - if your stuck and need a wheel then I may be persuaded but am not willing to negotiate price. I have a front and rear wheel set from a 1991 gs both wheels are in good condition, the front has a fairly new brake disk, I might split the set and sell - but I am in the UK so postage cost could be an issue and maybe the price with the exchange rates and the value of the wheels here in the uk - which are just not available - so consider it a last resort buy as I would be looking for around £200 uk pound plus postage for the rear wheel. £200 uk pound for the front or £370 for the pair.

Donmanolo 29 Dec 2011 00:07

Check German fleabay...there's one on there at the moment for 199 euros.

Hint : look for "R 80 gs hinterrad"

bernardo feio lightweight 29 Dec 2011 10:14


I need the a rear wheel to assemble a Michelin desert tyre to do offroad. I don’t need any fancy wheel. (I don’t mind with rusty spokes) To be honest I’m using a Michelin desert tyre as an everyday tyre in my bike and that makes no sense.
I want to have two wheels, one with a more road oriented profile and the other one with a M Desert to use during weekends and in African expeditions

thanks for or offer buy it’s above my budget for an off-road wheel
I regularly check German fleabay. R100GS wheels are normally sold around 100-150euros depending on the condition. R80 (3 bolts) are more rare and expensive

Donmanolo 29 Dec 2011 10:59

Hi Bernardo, The wheel I mentioned is 4 bolt.
R 80 GS (paralever) and R 100 use the same wheel. (AFAIK)

However you're right, the price is a little bit high. I'm posting the link just in case anyone else is interested.

greetings from Italy.


BMW R 80 GS Hinterrad 100 33.2v | eBay

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