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Kiwirider 10 Jul 2007 21:13

Wanted - Tank bag for BMW F650GS
Howdy all

I am after a tankbag for my F650GS
It can either be original or aftermarket made bag, but must fit the GS

Even if you know what brands easily fit the F650GS, please let me know

Cheers Scott

Walkabout 10 Jul 2007 21:32

Hi Kiwirider,
I've had a standard "Oxford" tankbag fixed to a 650GS using the straps that they supply - wasn't particularly pretty, showing a bit of "creasing" in following the tank profile (which isn't a tank of course!) but it did stay on and it worked OK - no need to come off to refuel of course, so it was on for a long time.
Not currently fitted as it happens but only because my wife, who rides the bike, did not want it there,


(do I search for Oxford products if you have not heard of them!)

Kiwirider 11 Jul 2007 06:26

Thanks for that Dave

Do you have any pics?

I have a friend with one, it is the humpback one, but I am not sure how to best mount it to my bike?
It has the bungies that cross underneath, and no where to attach them too, other than the plastic

Cheers Scott

Walkabout 11 Jul 2007 10:38

If you PM me with a good email address KiwiR, I can send some - I can't get them on here because my camera does not take pics that small and I have never found a way of reducing their electronic size (anyone know how to do this?). However, they are not very illuminating 'cos the tankbag is just laid on the bike for now; may get around to fitting it again - certainly does not take very long to do.

As for the tankbag, I have just taken a look and it is an Oxford "Sport" with a separate base as a mapcase; so I strap this base to the bike using the straps around the bar risers at the top, and underneath the seat and around the frame at the bottom (I remember that I needed an extension strap for the bottom and a local dealer just gave me one when I asked - very nice of them). Then the case can be used for mapreading or the rest of the bag can be zipped into place, just like Oxford always intended!

As I mentioned, the straps tend to pull the rectangular bag out of shape to suit the curves of the "tank" with a few creases ensuing but the bag does not move around while travelling and the corner can be lifted OK for checking the oil.



ps Never needed bungies for this tankbag and they do tend to end up scratching the paint when I have used them at the back of other bikes.

Xander 13 Jul 2007 10:30


Originally Posted by Walkabout (Post 142836)
If you PM me with a good email address KiwiR, I can send some - I can't get them on here because my camera does not take pics that small and I have never found a way of reducing their electronic size (anyone know how to do this?).

Hey walkabout.. there is a free program on the net called irfranview (downloadable here IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide) It is a very simple matter to re size photos (even in batches) and can handle all (dont hold me to this) Raw formates. Plus it makes quite a good quick viewer, (it other editing abilities are limited .. but for a freebie it very good). Click on photo you want then <Image> or <ctrl+r>, then click on <resize/resample> and bobs your mothers brother.
For doing batch work.. <file> then <Batch conversion> Then click <advanced options> .. set the file size you want.. ectra..

You can resize in the real programs to.. Photoshop go to Image then Image size and put in the size you want.

IN ALL CASES MAKE SURE YOU SAVE AS SOMETHING ELSE.. cus going down in size is easy and works.. going up .. DONT!

Walkabout 13 Jul 2007 12:00

Thanks Xander,
I've had a PM about the same programme, so there are at least two people on the HUBB who are using this software!
I have it downloaded now and I shall be looking at what it does sometime when the weather is poor and I am not out on the bike!!! :innocent:
Then there will be 3 or more of us with Irfanview.

That's a good tip about saving as another file: you have answered one query already, viz, the process is not easily reversed.

Sorry to all who know this is:offtopic:

Kiwirider has the pics of the Oxford bag now; what do you think; the way to go?



Hustler 13 Jul 2007 13:17

I've currently got a Famsa tank bag but only just got it so cannot realistically give an opinion of it as yet.
There is also the Baglux / Bagster combination but I felt they would be a bit of a nuisance every time I wanted to take the tank panels off although I'm a big fan of Baglux and have one fitted permanently to my Honda Hornet.
If you weren't going to take off the tank panels too often then this would get my vote.

Van Isle 1 Aug 2007 09:20

Touratech (Touratech AG) supplies an excellent tank bag for the f650gs. I've had mine for years and will take it RTW.


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