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wicjo 7 Mar 2007 03:50

Wanted: Africa books+maps+etc
Does anyone from the UK have a pile of books and maps they want to get rid of in one go?

Nick#6 12 Mar 2007 09:34

Books wanted
One of my family members bought 3 overland travel books for my birthday that we already had:

1. Lonely Planet: Africa on a Shoestring (1084 pages) £13.59
2. Africa Overland: Bradt Travel Guide (308 pages) £10.87
3. Lonely Planet: Healthy Travel in Africa (compact pocket size 440 pages) £3.99

We were thinking of sending back to Amazon but thought we would ask if anyone here wanted them. If so let us know and we will pay postage to you in the UK only. We will accept cheque or cash upfront - thanks.


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