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Jerome 28 Jun 2007 13:53

Used Satellite Tracker For Sale (in the UK)
Track your bike anywhere in the world.

What is it?

The DMR200D receives GPS signals and retransmits location, speed and height to an Inmarsat satellite which via the web automatically updates web pages.


1. Current position (At the HUBB UK Meeting) - see https://star-traxx.com/ and ‘name’ = star-traxx, pass = demo, ID = Jeremy and click on ‘submit‘. Use the 'world road map' if it is not the default. There are many other maps and scales available.

2. Route map - see Americas '03

and click on ‘African Route’.

3. Visit https://star-traxx.com/ for more details.

In the box:

- DMR200D transceiver.
- power (12v) and remote transmit cable.

I cant make my photos work but it's about the size of a saucer - 15cm round and 3 cm deep.

US$695 new + $10 per month signal charges.

No sensible offer refused. Call me on +44 (0)19328 63931 for more info.

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