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Gonzalo 9 Oct 2000 04:17

TRANSALP Special Engine Guard
TRANSALP XL600V Specially Designed Aluminium Engine Guard for Sale!

-The stock engine guard on the Transalp is pretty much useless for offroad use. It will melt against the exhaust if you fall in the sand, rocks will cut holes into it and it is far too short to cover the entire engine. If you plan on driving on gravel or worse, here´s something for you: a 4mm ALUMINIUM ENGINE GUARD designed and produced by AFRICAN QUEENS in GERMANY, SPECIALLY for the Honda Transalp. That means you just screw it in, it fastens to already existing points. New price is German Marks 299,- (aprox. 132 USD) I have now switched over to another bike and this nice piece of equipment is just sitting in a closet. If you are interested in buying the guard contact me. I´m sure you´ll get a good price. By the way: you can see a picture of the engine guard if you go to:http://www.africanqueens.de/_html/pr.../kpzzm030.php3
and check out all the other good stuff at: www.africanqueens.de

Ride on,

Gonzalo Figueroa


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