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biciclown 10 Nov 2012 16:24

Satelite phone, Thuraya SG-2520 MUST GO!!!!
I have been on the road 8 years on a bicycle (115,737 kms) and still going.
A sponsor gave me a Satelite phone when I was in Cairo and I had used it in Middle East, Central Asia, Southeastasia, Japan, Australia and, previously I used another Thuraya model in Africa for 3 years.
Now I am in America and the satelite phone Thuraya has not coverage here.
This is the phone
And I give also 2 long batteries plus the cables and software to use it with your computer.
The phone need to be recharge with credit every 6 months. Minimun credit is 30 euros.
When you get a phone call, YOU DO NOT PAY.
The best point of this phone is that you can change the sim card, and use it like A NORMAL PHONE. I did it in many countries where a sim card was cheap. So, you get a LOCAL NUMBER.
The original price was 1500 euros.
The phone is now in Spain and I can send it to you any place in the world.
I only ask for 400 euros.
It is a good choice if you go on tour and you need SAFETY.
I use it once a week as I had a radio interview every Friday for about 10 minutes. The rest of the time the phone was sleeping inside my panniers.
Feel free to ask questions or check my website

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