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hopelessly lost 17 Mar 2011 17:33

Sale: KLR aftermarket stuff, Calgary, AB
Hey all. I have 2001 KLR for sale with a bunch of aftermarket stuff. It's a high-mileage bike though. It needs either a good home or someone that wants a parts bike. (It runs well, but it's a hard starter in the cold.)

50,000 kms
Corbin seat
Happy Trails Givi luggage racks (side and top box).
Hard luggage included.
Aluminum skid plate
Highway pegs
Good rubber

Valves recently checked. All in spec.
Doohickey done.
Needs new fork seals (left fork leaking).

I've been getting offers to part out the bike, but I'm reluctant to do that... mostly because I'm short on time and I'd rather have one buyer take it all away.

Asking price: $2,500 CDN

It's best to contact me through my website, listed below. (And ACTUALLY, I live in Canmore, AB... about an hour West of Calgary.)

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