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motorcylingJim 25 Feb 2012 21:28

Motorcycle Metal Pallet/Skid for sale
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Hello fellow world riders!

Back home and just off-loaded a shipment from Germany, yesterday, and now I have a heavy-duty steel motorcycle-specific skid that I don't need. If you take your bike by trailer to any rallies or are thinking of shipping it somewhere, then this is better than any wood pallet you'd find. This can be used for Air transport (check with the airline if they also want a plywood box around it), container, or simply trailer/flatbed transport. It has wheel wells to hold both wheels, flip up bars at all 4 corners to create a box frame for protection, and tie-down hooks. This is very heavy duty steel, fully welded, and super strong. It's from Stefan Knopf's if you are familiar with them. If you are in the Toronto area, I can meet you or you can come and pick it up. It is just like this on in the picture (bike not included of course :scooter:) From what I can find on the web, to buy a new one costs $900 but that would be ridiculous to ask even half that from a fellow HUBBer. I think $100 would be fair, just to recover some costs and pass something on that could be useful to another rider.

PM me or call my cell 416-999-5546

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