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bmw.bec 26 Jun 2007 15:10

Motorcross Goggles
One pair of black Oakly motorcross goggles and one pair of carbon Progrip goggles for sale. Both come with carry bags and have never been worn, no scratches etc

Any interest please email rebeccaburley@btinternet.com


bmw.bec 4 Aug 2007 19:29

Last chance for Goggles.....

Going to put these on Ebay so last chance to buy at your suggested price.

Sagarmatha1000 4 Aug 2007 22:22

A question Bec. Are they the large-framed versions: will they fit over prescription glasses?

bmw.bec 8 Aug 2007 12:48

The oakley are the large size to fit over glasses and the progrip tend to bigger anyway so i bought them to go over my glasses.

Sagarmatha1000 9 Aug 2007 08:49

Thanks for the reply. Whether I fancy them or not, I don't actually need them yet (no Moto-X helmet), so I'll decline to make an offer.

I'd have thought you'd achieve more that I would have suggested on eBay anyway.

bmw.bec 9 Aug 2007 21:13

Both sold. Thanks

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