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city2surf 25 Oct 2010 22:11

Price lowered F/S Touratech Zega Panniers, bags and frames (Used) - Australia
A pair of pre-loved touratech Zega panniers (35L and 41L) with original touratech bag inserts and lid-locks.

Lots of pics here - http://picasaweb.google.com/laduma20...Z0pCf8PmTW g#

Obviously the mounts are drilled and fitted to align correctly to the racking.

Rack to fit KTM 640 Adventure. The panniers are highly robust and I would seriously recommend them, particularly for trips over a couple of weeks and where your gear needs to remain secure.

With the the bags, you can remove your gear in a jiffy, and the panniers themselves can be removed in a couple of minutes from the frame.

These panniers and racking are the dogs cojones of hard-pannier systems. A quick peek at the touratech oz site reveals:
$1000+ for panniers
$200+ for bags
$5-600 for rack

Mine are yours for $500 Australian (excl shipping)

What you need to know about these pre-loved cases (caveat emptor):
They have been USED on a 50k km trip
They have hit the ground on occasion (protecting my legs in the process)
They have been repaired - most noticeably on one corner where a small patch of metal has been riveted
Another repair involved a much tidier looking TIG aluminium weld made in Thailand by a man who can be justifiably proud of his handiwork
They are covered in decals, which I am sure can be removed as required.
Yes - there is a mounting missing for each box. I have purchased new ones from Touratech - see pic. they just need fitting.

I have just sold the bike they were attached to and so no longer required. See other ads for tyres/parts.

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bump - price lowered
bump price lowered

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