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Jimbike 6 Jul 2011 00:52

23l Acerbis tank for Yamaha TT600
I bought this by mistake for my TT600RE which I found it did not fit. But, in trying to make it fit I made a small hole so could not return it. :censored:
The hole has been professionally repaired and is invisible when on the bike.
As I have no use for it I'm selling.

It fits the TT600 93-97 which I think is all of them except the TT600R or RE.
It cost me £223 from Race spec and comes with the tap, quick fill cap, splash guard and fitting kit.

I want £180 posted, for it and will post a pic of the repair if needed.


Jimbike 11 Dec 2011 00:15

Still for sale :D

sjbuckle83 11 Jan 2012 09:06

Hi Jim,

Do you know if it would fit a 2003 XT600?


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