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jimmy46 29 Dec 2005 16:04

XT600E in England
I have for sale a fully equiped XT600E. Bike has now done 13,000 miles( trip from England to Vladivostok and South Korea) Following additions mods. Kedo front and rear lowering kit, Givi screen, Acerbis large tank, Gel seat pad, Touratec pannier rack, Touratech hard alu panniers, Rear Rack, Adjustable side stand, Crash bars, Oil Teperature gauge,Many Many spares. Bike needs new chain and sproket, tyres and battery, spokes retensioning. This bike gave no trouble and carried me plus luggage ( tent , stove etc also available) On the trip of a lifetime. Free advice and help given. For sale located in Birmingham. Dont dream do it!!!. £2,000

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monsieur 3 Jan 2006 02:29

Is bike still for sale?
Any photos?
What year?

jimmy46 5 Jan 2006 03:32

Hi yes its still for sale, first registered 1/6/03 http://www.pbase.com/jimmy46/xt600e hmm not sure but I think link might work re pics

jimmy46 11 Jan 2006 04:51

Bike is completly equipped for global travel...Light simple to maintain, rugged reliable, economical, 25litre acerbis tank Touratec frames and boxes etc etc etc

jimmy46 24 Jan 2006 16:44

Aww come on someone out there must need a good low milage XT...with all the mods, the mods and kit alone cost in excess of £800...Very suitable for the vertically challenged !!!30 inside leg....Make me an offer?.

jimmy46 28 Jan 2006 01:29

Ok note the new price inclusive of all mods to bike £2000....I will even throw in all the standard parts fuel tank etc etc

ptbojerry 30 Jan 2006 22:58

testing my 1st post, 2nd try

ptbojerry 30 Jan 2006 23:01

This is exactly what I am looking for but in Canada.
Is 2000pounds=4000cdn$ a good price for this bike, it seems like a good deal?
If it was near me, it would be sold.

monsieur 30 Jan 2006 23:09

Would you accept £1500?

ptbojerry 31 Jan 2006 08:25

For 1500 pounds, ill fly over and drive it back
long way round..haha
Keep it for another year and I will plan a trip starting in your drive way.
I wish I was ready, this would be prefect to head over to germany this summer and catch a few world cup matches.
Timing is everything.
Please email me with the results of your sale.

thecanoeguy 31 Jan 2006 14:13

hey i drove past that horse last year in the ukraine,also saw it in the long way round with ewan mc gregor, man that bike is so what i want for my next trip and priced well,don't give it away

robin A 1 Feb 2006 22:01

where abouts in Birmingham are you based? i am quite interested in this bike if it is still for sale.


tim shaw 2 Feb 2006 00:02

would you except £1650 and i will ride it home next weekend ?

jimmy46 2 Feb 2006 02:26


Originally posted by robin A:
where abouts in Birmingham are you based? i am quite interested in this bike if it is still for sale.


I am near the NEC and Birmingham Airport, Junction 4 of M6 or Junction 9 M42. I will be around the weekend if thisa helps 07976 383783

Boxer 10 Feb 2006 03:08

Jimmy - I don't need a bike, but if I did your's is a bargain. My question is - which model of Givi screen is that? It looks really good. I've made a screen (which looks rough)because I couldn't find a "proper" one which looked like it might fit. Yours looks ok.

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